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Most if not all of our RWW staffers aren't upgrading. What about you?
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I have a 3GS and no iPad. I'm considering an upgrade. Edit: But not necessarily to the 4S. Will the new Samsung bring it?
I'm in the same boat as Lars, I have a 3GS and I'm definitely upgrading. I was stoked for the update in speed when I got the 3GS and I'm stoked again for the upgrade in speed in the 4S.
thanks guys, appreciate the range of voices and options here. I will probably go with the older 4 phone and perhaps upgrade to iOSv5 on my iPad.
So why go with the older iPhone 4 instead of the new one? Price? Also I haven't looked it up yet but can iOS 5 run fine on an iPad 1?
Yes, all iPads. 3GS and later iPhones, although I would probably not want to run iOS5 on a 3-gen iPhone.
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