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Rene Kipp
I love life and I am generally a positive person :-)
I love life and I am generally a positive person :-)

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Detour Ahead
I contemplated for quite a long time whether or not I wanted to publish (or even write) this post.  It is quite personal and may hit home with some readers. We all go through "detours" in our lives.  This one just happened to come upon and hit us from nowhe...

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Final Thoughts On Japan
What an amazing trip!  We would absolutely love to go back!  Alex and Kana will be in Japan for another 16 months before Alex is stationed back in the US.  So we likely won't be visiting them in Japan again. Our time there was always different.  I doubt we ...

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Fun In Japan, Part 2
An overnight trip up the western coast of Okinawa was another adventure while we were in Japan.  Unfortunately, Ron had picked up some sort of virus and he decided to stay home.  Being sick while on vacation is never fun.  He was a trooper though! Our first...

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Fun In Japan, Part 1
The two weeks we were in Japan were full of little moments each day. Some days were spent just hanging around Alex and Kana's apartment. such a gorgeous view! have I told you I love the ocean ??!! Their apartment overlooks the sea.  The clashing waves were ...

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Amazing Works Of Architecture
Japanese architecture is simply amazing!  From houses to castles to temples, they are all works of art. Alex took us to The Nakamura House one afternoon.  Unfortunately Kana couldn't join us on this outing either.  She is a nurse at one of the local hospita...

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Finding Peace
Amid the busyness and chaos of daily island life many Okinawan locals visit a hidden gem known as the Southeast Botanical Gardens .  Our daughter in law, Kana, had to work so Alex took us to see the gardens.  The day we went it was quiet, peaceful and relax...

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Off To Japan!!
Monday, March 27 It has been a busy year for us so far.  Unfortunately, there haven't been any trips with Roamin.  We did manage a two day trip but we stayed in a hotel for the shear simplicity of it all. Today we're leaving on a three week trip overseas to...

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Roamin Goes To The Beach
The last week of the year between the holidays is usually a slow time for us work wise.  This year we decided to close shop, take a vacation and go to the coast. nice small beach within walking distance to our home on wheels Caspar Beach it is.  There is be...

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Time Flies When You're...
Time flies when you're: Geocaching! We were turned on to this fun hide and seek game by friends of ours, Steve and Debbie.  I had heard about it awhile ago but never actively pursued it.  A few weeks ago they took us along on a night time find.  It was a su...

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Friends, Family And An Engagement
With the New Year almost here Ron and I are thankful for many things: 1.  FRIENDS We first met Steve and Debbie a few months before they began their full-time adventure in 2014.  We've remained friends ever since.  When they come to California to visit thei...
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