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Israel 05 Oct 2014
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YES ministries visited the Israel from 1 -10th November 2013. The tour was guided by Pastor Dr Suresh Ramachandran. The places of visit were wondrous and beauteous as the group experienced the pangs of the Israelis wondering for 40 years in the wilderness, the excruciating walks over 800kms from the Red sea.. to the Promised Land.

The early hours of prayer at the Gethsemen was a soul evoking and spirit fulfilling experience for many. Weariness of the long walks was relieved of reminiscing the Great sacrifice our Lord Jesus made for us.

The album you are viewing has a mix of both Egypt and Israel landscapes. It is difficult to replicate or explicate the experience and emotions felt when we crossed the boarded to Israel. In reality, our Father was there with outstretched arms to welcome us across the boarder. The beautiful elegance of the Blessed Land, the blooming flowers and the cooling breeze reminded us of the Land flowing with milk and honey. This was a sharp disparity between Egypt and Israel.

The group comprising of 30 participants had the most amazing spiritual experience of their lives. Many changed, the most tenacious  hard held emotions were mellowed in the presence of the Lord.

We welcome you to join us next year October (2014) to be part of this great and inexplicable experience...

Imagine the gushing waves of Galilee, the aroma of the fish that Jesus prepared for Peter and the fishers of men...the taste of salt in the Dead sea..the sparkling waves of the Red sea...The morning breeze at Gethsemane, The overwhelming Power of Resurrection at the Garden Tomb..The Great Sacrifice and the feeling of rejoice..

 God Bless you all!!!
YES In Israel
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In 1990 Tim Bernes lee created the world wide web. Cerf and khan furthered this concept with the advent of the internet. Lee created the HTML and the HTTP (hyper text transfer protocol)... Isn’t this similar to Genesis? God (in plural ;Father,Son and The Holy Spirit) created man..(HTML) then created the woman (the Transfer Protocol)..the internet multiplied over few did man..

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