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Aaron Hastings
DevOps Engineer. Sysadmin. Linux head. Software developer. Amateur homebrewer. Consumer of fine beers.
DevOps Engineer. Sysadmin. Linux head. Software developer. Amateur homebrewer. Consumer of fine beers.

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Made a short video demoing the new Favourites feature of my app, +Luas at a Glance . This one is all about the watch.

Luas at a Glance is free (beer/freedom) forever. You can download it from the Play Store at the link below:

Filmed with a BQ Aquaris Ubuntu phone for extra geeky fun.

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Well played USA Today, well played. 

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Hi all. Would massively appreciate if anyone could provide any insight into this really off launcher crash that my widget appears to cause. Thanks!

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Considering Microsoft's recent efforts to shove Windows into every corner that it doesn't belong (seriously, embedded devices?), this is Kind Of A Big Deal™.


thebutterfly ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL


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New blog post/HOWTO guide on installing New Relic Servers on openSUSE.


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#> salt 'newserver' state.highstate


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Another great show from +Jupiter Broadcasting as usual.

And, to no much surprise, they talk about +ownCloud imminent release, congrats #OwnCloud .

What really punched me in the face though was that both of the hosts, +Chris Fisher and +Noah Chelliah had problems with large file synching and eventually lost data, to the point they said they give up for now!

This didn't came as a huge surprise. I setup OwnCloud in my previous position (I'm a professional Systems Administrator for who don't know me) and it worked fairly well for me. Then a former colleague of mine called me few months ago to ask me if I left anything important there. They are moving to seafile since OwnCloud is giving them so many problems (again sync with large file, data corruption and so on).

I use OwnCloud on my own private servers for my family and I've got some problems as well. Mostly with syncing via webdav, the client usually worked for me (with files up to 8GB) but I don't use it frequently so it might have been simple luck. However I recently updated to 8.0.4 (from 7.latest).... and was unable to install any APP (including stuff like documents and activity which I found very usefull) due to this bug [1]. The very founder of the project +Frank Karlitschek said "the current behavior really sucks for a lot of users". Don't get me wrong this was not a super huge issue, it was just very annoying though. Also reading stuff like "ownCloud Proxy and SSL support is completely broken. Nothing we can really do more except a complete rewrite. Sorry. – It's not only broken in regard to the AppStore but in A LOT of other places as well." is not good. Not at all. See the bright side: this is a open project, it is transparent, they are not hiding this. But if it is broken just don't ship it :).

Now to the point: I keep hearing more and more stories about OwnClound serious syncing problems. This is a 5 years old piece of software now, and after this time you don't expect such a failure in the very primary feature or to ship broken stuff as important as TLS. I'm a very big fan of OwnCloud, I believe in OwnCloud, I'll not move away from OwnCloud anytime soon, I like all the improvement I see with every release (from 6 and later.... 5 was a nightmare).

But in all honesty I'm scared to recommend OwnCloud to other people knowing the problems. If they got bit they are going to loose a quite fragile trust to free software. Especially if they are not tech savvy. What they see is a software that doesn't work, when dropbox and google driver do (for some definition for works).

So how to improve the situation? Well first of all I think OwnCloud is big enough to just leave github now. Why? Because you check and there are about 1787643128716243 copies of the bug I linked in [1], with still more than 1700 to close (mostly as duplicates I assume). This is chaos. Go and host your own bugzilla or whatever you like (if you don't like e.g., that would be an option too). Github is nice for an easy introduction with low effort, but with this size of a project it is just to easy for million people yelling around and wasting devs time with duplicate bugs. Granted there will always be duplicates, but not drowning in them help. Keep it for the code, but everything else go away from github.

For now I wish you the best, I hope 8.1 is a great release and I'm looking forward for a bright future.


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A few hours late, but this would be my personal choice for a #LeapSecond video. Enjoy!
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