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Self as Others. It's a life changing way of seeing your world.
I recently went to a 3-day seminar where true leadership was
part of the training.  For me to really
grasp the content it took hours, if not days. 
Then I have had to live with myself for weeks to really recognize how
these insights apply to my life.  Since...
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Because I say so!
I woke up Monday morning and realized two things.  Both things came from some training I received
over the weekend at a seminar called Landmark.  The first thing was what my language had done to me in the
last twelve hours.  I was late for Zumba,
and I had ...
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Grateful in all things
Gratitude is a form of repentance. I’ve learned a lot about gratitude the last 4 years.  The things that happened to us surrounding
our mission and after coming home have been my continual teacher.  It all started on the mission when so many
hard things wer...
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Back to Hope
Back to hope.   I love this title, “Back to Hope.”  It’s the most beautiful Christmas message I
could give.  Christ’s entire role was,
and is, to give hope; hope to a world, to families and to individuals.  My journey to understanding the hope Christ
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My path to deeper faith.
At our mission reunion a few months ago I wanted to share a
message.  I didn’t really feel like it
went very well though. It was a big group, we were outside, and there was some
other distractions going on.  What I
really wanted to communicate was something...
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Me, My Mother and the Mission
I have received a huge blessing from Heavenly Father.  My mother lived to see me come home from my
mission and I was able to care for her before she died.  I felt the Lords hand blessing me intimately
and personally during the 21 days I took care of her.  E...
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My last day, my last advice and my last testimony as a missionary.
This morning I woke up and had a tremendous sense of
gratitude fill my heart.  It would be the
last day I would spend in the mission home. 
I thought about how many times I have lain in this bed in the early
morning hours and had spiritual insight given to ...
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My last training with the missionaries
I’m not a runner, but I run. 
I don’t run well, I even joke that some people can walk as fast as I
run.  I use to only walk though, so I
feel good that I can run at all.  About
11 years ago is when I decided I wanted to get better at running and started
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A journey to happiness
 We are right in the
middle of saying goodbye to all the missionaries.  We are visiting each zone one by one, giving
a last training, our words of council and advice, having a question and answer
time and then talking about the transition of getting a new m...
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Learning and the heart of the listener
We are ending our mission. 
How weird!  It just seems so
surreal. I want to write more than usual in the next two weeks to share some of
the ending experiences we are having. Here is one about learning. I think the Lord is prompting many people to be very k...
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