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John McDougall
Teacher year 4-6 in Matariki-Mahutonga
Teacher year 4-6 in Matariki-Mahutonga

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Planting the Sand Dunes at Worser Bay Beach.
We transformed the dunes in a very short amount of time! On Wednesday we went to the beach to assist the City Council staff planting 3,000 Pingao and Spinifex.  The dunes have taken a bit of a hammering in recent months and the sand is often blowing across ...

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Wind Sculpture Walk.
Wind Sculpture Walk A crazy wind was blowing……but we’re not scared. We went looking for wind and, man, did we find it! It is all part of getting inspired for our ‘Wind Power’ Inquiry. Looking at the sculptures along Cobham drive, seeing how they move, figur...

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Sculptures for Cubadupa
Sculptures for Cuba Dupa: We spent the day on Tuesday making these sculptures for the Cubadupa festival this coming Saturday.  The festival is going to be zero waste so to emphasise this message, all bins will be covered. Recycling bins will be available an...

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Turangawaewae: My Place to Stand
Turangawaewae: My Place to Stand! Where am I from?  Where am I connected? What is special to me? Where do I belong?  Where do I feel most at home? These are the questions we ask ourselves when we consider our Turangawaewae.  It is a powerful thing to feel c...

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Rogoa? Kai? Exploring the Realm of Tane!
Rongoa? Kai? Can you eat it? Is it good for you?  Will it cure your tummy ache? We have begun exploring the Native Trees within our school grounds which can be either used as a medicine (Rongoa) or for food (Kai).  Our keen detectives have been identifying ...

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Sketching to Wake up the Brain!
We have been sketching in the morning to wake up our brains! The rules are: Keep your pencil moving, use a thousand lines, don’t think too hard, draw what you see (not what you think you see) It’s very calm and it’s great fun!

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Being Powerful Together (Blindfolded)
How can a straight rope be made into a perfect square?  Difficult enough if everybody involved can see but what about if you can’t? By calling out to each other, checking positions, holding each other to lead in the right direction and then planning the nex...

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Languages Programme
This week we have kicked off our new languages programme.  Every Friday we will be working for the middle session of the day learning either, Mandarin, French, Spanish or Maori.  Maria, Leola and Violetta’s mum will be looking after Spanish, Wanwan, Mandari...

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Thanks Andy for making the Garden Beds! Thanks Chester for helping Him!
Chester and his dad Andy have spent a lot of time over the holidays working on the gardens.  They are made of beautiful Macrocarpa which looks and smells amazing! There has been an incredible transformation from the wonky crooked beds to the new look; somet...

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Our Class Tree-ty!
Our Class Tree-ty! (Treaty) We have been thinking about the Treaty of Waitangi and making connections to our classrooms.  As we were thinking about how we want to operate in the classroom and how we want to be towards each other we came up with these ideas....
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