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The Truth
There is an emptiness inside you ever looming like a shadow behind don't fight it, don't run away and whatever you do don't ignore it let it take you and tear you into peices swallow you whole merge with your heart and soul listen to it, it is you it is wha...

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A tree died
A tree died near my office this afternnon tall and old, lazy as a tray It did nothing much just made the sky look good sometimes I think  it talked to the day Maybe it was friends  with the building beside maybe they laughed together in the night I don't kn...

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Give me a pen
Give me a pen, and I shall write about a million things and life about incomplete friendships and the magic of your smile the twisting, turning tales of time of senseless poems  and bewildering lines of whiskey and cigarettes on a tall balcony that made me ...

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A Daydream
I looked at nothing today And dreamt about a place Where the wind rushes to your hair Like a lover’s hand And a Piano constantly plays, to songs about a bridge That lay over a river of silver blue Breathing over her curves and drops Never touching, never dr...

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Many Whole Caboodles
There are universes we live in One yours and the other mine You will never know the music here And I can never complete your rhyme Times we share, But heads we keep. Selfish So here we go our separate ways, In and out of the worlds we rake Friends once, str...

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The Language and I
We were close, once The Language and I I was her lover And she was my pride Now we sit here In a room from yesterday The air still smells of words exclaimed And the cold fire sheds dismay She doesn't talk to me any more Clenching to the fray Doesn't whisper...

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Why do we
Why do we travel, stray strive, dismay Make a wish for what others pray Yearn skies In comfortable cages Wait for a chance In belligerent routine
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