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Thunderstorm fact: Rubber tires and the rubber soles of your shoes do not protect your from lightning. You can still be electrocuted. So no driving over downed wires, or stepping over them. Just be smart and avoid them all together.

Thunderstorm fact: We all like watching the weather outside the window, but it’s not so pleasant when the glass breaks in and you’re in the middle of it. When severe weather threatens your home go to an inner room with no windows, or if not that: a bathroom. Just don’t fill the tub with water.

Wow, the weather sure has been unpredictable as of late. These fluxs in temperature could spell trouble for older homes.Make sure to look around the foundation of your home for cracks.

It's time to dust off the cobwebs and much like a home give this page a good cleaning. Sorry for the absence everyone, but we assure you that we will be here to supply you with tips, hints, and information about our services.

Looks like we could be getting snow this weekend. We hope everyone remains safe and sound, but if you need us we'll be here/ We're just a phone call away.

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Before and After of a large loss we're working on.

As always big things are happening here in the office.

Another week down, and more satisfied customers.

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Hope everyone has a wonderful first weekend of 2012! Go out and do something fun.
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