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I reckon someone should create a browser that's really strict and acts like a linting tool whilst you're building. For example, it would refuse to style any elements with a repeated ID, or would throw PHP-esque errors if you nest something incorrectly.

It wouldn't get used as a conventional browser, but would be a really good tool to ensure you're writing the best markup/CSS possible. Current browsers are very forgiving when it comes to small mistakes in code, but a super-strict production browser would be great!

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Just realised the examples I gave were quite poor in that the validator would pick these out, but other mistakes that aren't necessarily invalid would get flagged. (Just thinking out loud here…)
Yes, that sounds great. Can you have it finished by Monday?
Heh, I'll leave that to someone else ;)
I say having it be a dev mode or an add-on to existing browsers (kinda like firebug) would be awesome. (just incase your workplace has restrictions on browser usage)
Also, whilst the validator might flag these things you can still get away with them. Building in a browser that forbids these things could lead to better builds…
I like this idea, it'd help make debugging stuff a bit easier.

But then I guess it'll never be made because no one will decide what the best way to do something is, or it'll force you to do something (to avoid an error), that you don't agree with semantically.
Rather than a browser, wouldn't this be great in your editor? I'm using Aptana at the mo, and a plugin/functionality like that for checking html validity as you code would be bloody awesome.
Sounds good to me - as others have said, a strict dev mode for e.g. Chrome that would flag up code errors would be good. Kind of the opposite of how most browsers smoothe over errors like unclosed tags.
Like the idea of a dev browser, but think a "strict" mode on an existing browser would be a better way forward as it is more likely to be maintained to current browser capabilities. It would also be useful if you could "ignore" something that has been flagged.
+1 on the strict dev-mode option in WebKit for example. Get on it! ;)
+James Aitken Yeah but that was in conventional browsers, wasn't it? Having this only during dev would be no biggie, it'd just make you a better developer :)
Amaya? It's liberal on html, but strict (stops parsing on error) on xhtml, if I remember correctly. But it's easily been ten years since I've used it.
When I first read this I immediately thought of Amaya. Mainly remember it being a horrible WYSIWYG editor dressed up as a browser however.
this is an amazing concept. although it may work better as a firefox extension. I could see that happening alot sooner
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