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874 people went to the trouble of putting me in a Circle. I haven't done anything on G+ since July 20 and I have no idea who maybe 700 of these people are. So... who are you?

I'm thinking of starting a blog called "Things my office blocks through OpenDNS." First two items will be Pandora and any item in the Google Cache.

I currently have a cowbell, a snare drum and a tiny violin at my desk. Just FYI.

Must remember that BLTs exist.

I'm this close to moving everyone into the same Circle just so I don't have to make arbitrary decisions anymore.

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Kind of handy, but wouldn't it be nice if a lot of this stuff was just easily discoverable without looking at a list?
Consider this everything you want to know about Google+ and more, from +Andrew Shotland.

Sure are a lot of strangers in the "people you may know on Google+" section.

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