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Kelly Harlow
Hi I'm Kelly! I love everything to do with summer and am a pro at expressing who I am.
Hi I'm Kelly! I love everything to do with summer and am a pro at expressing who I am.

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Teaching After Brown vs. Board of Education
I haven't done the extended comments post yet so this week I'm using Jackie's blog to do some extended comments.   Even in her first mini paragraph that says "never fully making a connection to how racism is truly a prominent issue that we still deal with t...

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Unlearning the Myths That Bind Us
Oh how this article kills my childhood. Granted it's all totally true it still I will never watch a cartoon the same ever. There are plenty of Disney Princesses that are either of a different race or have goals other than finding a man. Mulan is not only As...

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Safe Spaces
For this week’s article I chose to do the quotes
option as my blog. My quotes are from the first section because as much as I enjoyed
the entire article I felt the second part about HOW to integrate LGBT topics into
society wasn’t as powerful as the part ab...

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I chose the article Aria by Richard Rodriquez for
this week which was a way nicer read the Delpit last week!! Granted I’ve been
at swim Championships all weekend so it took me a while to grasp it through all
the cheers and races. But I still liked it a lot ...

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Other People's Children: The Silence Dialog
Oh I found this to be such a difficult read! I think Lisa
Delpit has a really great argument of course but I really only figured out what
her argument was after about the third read through maybe? And this wasn’t even
a short read so you can only imagine ho...

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Privilege's We Can't Control
I chose the article "White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack" by Peggy McIntosh. Reflection: Just the other day I was at a store where I had to use my new debit card. My other one had been hacked and I was scammed out of almost all my money and it...

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Post Number One!
Hi Well my blog tells my name so that's that. I'm 18 years old and a Freshmen here at RIC I live in Little Compton RI, and if you've never heard or been to LC it's totally cool because it's very small but so beautiful! If you ever have time to come visit in...

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