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This is, word for word, an email I sent to one of the players in my Sunday game.

I suppose getting stuck GMing all the time and never being able to play is better than always being stuck playing and never getting to GM

I had a vivid dream last night that I was stuck at a Ren Faire with no way of getting home and every time I tried to leave I kept finding myself in this one section where Zak Smith was spending time and he said "Man, quit trying to leave and just enjoy yourself while you're here" and he handed me a beer. Now I'm a lucid dreamer and that is what triggered it because I thought "Zak Smith would never buy me a beer" but still, for the rest of the dream I was partying with Zak at a Ren Faire, so that was pretty cool.

I'm writing my own set of fantasy rules that I'm calling FIVE HIT POINTS!

Leave comments with one fantasy race. Only one race per comment and only one comment per person please. If I get more than 10 then I'll have to pick them randomly and if I get fewer than 10 then I'll have to pad the list with a few of my own (ratlings baby, yeah!)

I'll probably include notes for converting OSR and 5e games to the system, just because I've had to convert some of these things.

I'm reading through a lot of GenCon posts on blogs and I noticed that there's two schools of thought. Some people treat gaming like a Roman senate, where people are coming together to debate ideas or share new ones, and they take it all very seriously and are invested in a certain level of decorum and respectability. The other people are the barbarians at the gate, who want to party and party and the game is a party and oh my god this is so much fun why aren't you partying with us you stuffy senator in a bourgeois robe?!

That's what gaming was for me when I first started: a party. And I think that's why I kept dropping it for years at a time, that mindset of treating games as a cornerstone of culture bored me. I would come back to gaming and want to have fun but then be disappointed again whenever I ran into too many players (and GMs) who suck the fun out of a game. And sometimes they suck the fun out just because you're having more fun than them. Fuck those people!

There are simply too many senatorial players trying to take it all far too seriously. When I play I just want to have a fucking party!

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A month ago I made the Angel and the News, then for the past few weeks I've been tinkering with the rest of the playbooks and they're all finally finished.

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Here is a project I've been working on, I wanted to get all of the playbooks finished before I shared it publicly

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I just finished tinkering with a 2nd edition version of my favorite playbook I ever wrote: the Dog -

I'm not entirely happy with this 2nd edition version because I loved the 1st edition version, however some of the changes to the rules have allowed me to tinker with aspects of the playbook that I think are much improved. Still, I have my own criticisms but I'm curious to hear what others think of it, whether they hate it or love it or whatever. Please let me know what you think!

For reference, this playbook is meant to mimic Blood, the psychic dog character from Harlan Ellison's A Boy And His Dog novella and short stories.

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Oh wow! I forgot to share the latest episode of my podcast on g+ but instead I'm sharing this rambly blog post I just wrote

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This was the most fun interview I've conducted. Even if you have no interest in hearing fledgling standup comics talk about their experiences, you're doing yourself a disservice by not listening to Madtown's zaniest comic discuss his love of cartoons, his music snobbery, and being too smart for Michigan.
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