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Maureen Wagner
I'm an Early Childhood Educator that facilitates a free drop in program for families with children birth to 5.
I'm an Early Childhood Educator that facilitates a free drop in program for families with children birth to 5.

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Final Fairy Lane Visit
This is it, my final post as a StrongStart facilitator. It is my pleasure to share our last visit to Fairy Lane as my final post. As we waited for all the families to arrive we painted a large branch. We left the branch to dry while we went for a walk in th...

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Campfire Allure
For the last week of school we changed our camping area to use a different tent and added a water play area. The fire pit is so fascinating to the children. And the adults. When they were not enjoying the fire they went rowing in the boat.

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A Different Easel
I switched our easels from painting to sensory boards and because of that I created a new easel from a large cardboard box. Day 1 the children used foam paint rollers that were cut in  different textures. This easel encouraged the children to use their whol...

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Hot Rock Art
Just a few days of school left and I'm trying to use materials that are already in the classroom. So I pulled out our warming tray, rocks and crayons. The children put mittens on to prevent any surprises with the warmth off the tray. Since the rocks are alr...

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Soothing Jars
I had an excess amount of baby food jars so we created soothing jars. The order of putting the ingredients in the jar varied from child to child. The ingredients were sparkles, corn syrup, and tinted water. Once they had all three ingredients in we made sur...

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Snail Garden 2017
For the past several years we have created a garden, in our classroom, just to observe snails. We start with soil in a plastic container with a lid. The children spend a morning spraying water on the soil  to make it damp. Next we sprinkle wheat grass seeds...

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Painting at the Gardens
Last week at our Picnic in the Gardens a hedge worked as our easel for painting. I strung a piece of rope across the front of the hedge and attached sheets of paper with clothespegs.  Pails of water, brushes and cakes of water paint were left on the ground.

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Spuds in Tubs Harvest 2017
It's that time of year when we can be in the garden  and harvest our spuds in tubs. We had 5 tubs this year to empty and dig in the soil. As we dug we found the seed potatoes and noticed how 'yucky'  they are now. We had a good crop this year. After digging...

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EarlyYears Inquiry Studio
In our community we have many gifted educators. Two particular educators, Jan and Lesley, have created an Inquiry Studio to help  educate teachers, early childhood educators, parents and whoever else is interested in learning about how does the environment ...

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Sensory Walk
We went on a picnic and I set up a sensory walk for the families to try. I used old pizza boxes and glued different materials in each box. Corks  and  felts that go on the bottom of chairs and table legs. Toilet paper tubes cut in half and curly dried grass...
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