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Hi, I am trying to install archlinux again - yay. Alright, now I am little bit confused about how to connect to the internet (noob problem). So I have installed the core files and I can connect to the internet . The problem is when I restart I don't know how to reconnect. I am currently in arch-chroot: and if I give the commands ip link : I get enp2s0 and wlp0s20u2 - I am using wifi - so wlp0s20u2 is up. I have issued the command wifi -o wlp0s20u2 and there is a profile in /etc/netctl. If I ping at arch-chroot I can connect to the internet. Now what should be my next step.


Hi, I am looking for mini USB wifi network dongle which works at 5GHz bandwith.
Any suggestions that I can look in Amazon.

This is not very specific to Archlinux, however, does anybody knows of spreadsheet program in Arch which can support more than 1,000 rows. The current Libre Calc is not scalable enough.

Are there any drivers comaptible with Dolby JBL sound cards.
Help is appreciated.

Hello, hi, I am in the process of installing a new arch linux on Lenovo z41. So, I am root@archiso:$. Now I have a router from Comcast, I used that for my wifi. When I am at Windows machine, I have to hit the reset button on the router for to connect to the internet. Now I want to do the same with arch. What should be my relevant commands at root@archiso:$ - I am very bad at network connection . Sorry.

I am interested in buying a new laptop from Lenovo, to run Arch. It should have good spec, Intel i5 or better, RAM ~8 gig, file space ~1TB. My budget is $750 . I want some suggestions.

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Third Workshop on Parallel and Distributed Agent-Based Simulations (PADABS 15) at EuroPar 2015 in Wien. DEADLINE: May 22nd. Workshop  Aug. 24th-25th. Proceedings on Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science.

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Hello, guys I am currently running into couple of problems one my laptop is running slow after installing Arch, and two I think I am running out of space somewhere. I need some help, this is a screenshot of me trying to install catalyst-test from aur.
Also should I install catalyst or catalyst-test from AUR. Thanks.

Hello, I guess yaourt package is flagged as outdated. Is there a reason, why. Also  what are some of the alternatives.

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Hi, guys, I am installing linux in Lenovo S20 laptop. Lenovo S20 comes with Windows 8 pre-installed, hence I am having couple of difficulties here. I ran cfdisk /dev/sda and the terminal returned me Fatal Error: Bad Primary partition 1: Partition ends after end-of-disk - Press any key to exit cfdisk.
I then ran parted - l and the result I got is mind boggling. 
Anybody knows what should I do next, thanks.
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