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Rather than just constructing one squeeze page, consider creating a network of opt-in pages that cover various markets as well as the SAME market, but offering a different giveaway product.

Price your Stuff: It may sound silly but think about it, you can’t really effectively market your business/services/products until you have everything priced.

Once in awhile you’ll see a group of marketers come together where they sell their products/services for a special promotion or special event. Maybe it’s a well known internet marketers birthday so a group of people come together to ‘celebrate’ it. There’s often one big sales page set up with information about each person’s product/service with a link back to the ir site.

Social media can bring marketing success to your business in many ways. It’s important to know what exactly it is you’re trying to achieve before you start. This will enable you to track your success and tweak your various methods easier to work on once things have started rolling with your business.

Offer Satisfaction Guarantees. A guarantee can go a long way into instilling more confidence to buy from your prospects.

Just like with all successful online marketing ventures, keep the target of your subscription well-defined.

Some products just make sense as a subscription. For example web hosting, image hosting, audio hosting, dating sites, etc. If you sell any product now for a one-time fee, think about whether it makes more sense as recurring subscription.

Consider offering physical goods by mail (newsletter, CDs, DVDs, etc) and increasing the value by adding an online membership component.

The same kind of information you deliver via a printed newsletter or online membership, can be published CD and DVD.

The same kind of information you deliver via a printed newsletter or online membership, can be published CD and DVD. Both are inexpensive mediums to produce and again, your customers receive a tangible product in their hand with their subscription. You can include audio, software and other useful items on CD. Video can provide valuable how to information, entertainment, etc.
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