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Isabelle Goddard
Writer of historical mystery and romantic suspense
Writer of historical mystery and romantic suspense

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The Crystal Cage
I've just finished the copy edits of The Crystal Cage, the first novel I've written under my new writing name of Merryn Allingham. It's a book which has taken a long time to see the light of day but I always knew it would be published. It was just too good ...

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Come and Write History in Brighton
Before my first novel was accepted by a publisher - and it was  the first novel I'd ever written - I went on a writing course to Tuscany. Italy, of course, was the main attraction, but I did get a good deal out of the course. It helped to keep me focussed a...

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The Perils of Trilogy Writing!
I’m currently
writing the third draft of Dangerous
Phoenix and as usual, this revision is focussed on style alone. But things
aren’t working out like that. I have a problem and it’s one, I think,
that’s specific to writing a series. Maybe specific to writin...

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Love's Tangle - Get Your Freebie!
                           Free on Kindle! This week only!                          LOVE'S TANGLE                                                From Amazon UK at                                          
From at http://tiny...

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Love's Tangle - Get Your Freebie
                                                Free on Kindle.  This week only!                                              LOVE'S TANGLE                                              From Amazon UK:                                  ...

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Come to our Book Bash and Have Fun!
Thursday, November 28th - SAVE THE DATE!   We're having a party! Come and celebrate at our Early Christmas Book Bash! Fun online party & book launch. Four ladies writing, four books a-launching, four prizes waiting,  one grand finale, and twelve-hours full ...

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Release Your Inner Heroine!
The Major's Guarded Heart is published tomorrow, Nov 1. It's my last Regency romance, at least for the time being, and I'm sorry to say goodbye if only temporarily to my swashbuckling characters. Particularly my heroines who are never anything less than cou...

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