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We really could write a book! Believe it or not, this article is about subsistence allowances. And yes, we were once sent a business claim for an out of town visit which included toothpaste, cotton wool and dental floss… All bought in South Africa before t...

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It's Not Your Fault, But..
Not Your Fault, But… Its’s not mine, either. When something goes wrong, whether at work or home,
most people immediately start casting around for somebody to blame. Over the weekend, I was reading and drinking a cup
of coffee which was perched on the a...

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Why Employees Stay
Are your employees staying because of their managers? Popular thought indicates that people leave because of their managers, so is the opposite also true? Added to that is the view that it is always the good people who leave. Fortunately, that is not a vie...

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Not My Job Assuming that there are reasons for saying this: 1.        It’s
not your job and is totally is outside of your skill set 2.        It’s
not in your KPIs and you don’t want to do it 3.        You
believe you are being exploited and want to dr...

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Resignation - keep building relationships
– avoid burning those bridges It has been
a great pleasure working with a colleague like you. Now, you are
off to your next big challenge! Good luck and farewell! Isn’t that what we all want to hear when we
leave?  We were appreciated and we wil...

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The truth about cvs
accurate are CVs/Resumés? Once, a long time ago, I knew a young man
who had come to South Africa from England. 
He was a television technician who landed up sharing a house with two
draughtsmen.  They were earning better
salaries than he was, so he deci...

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The lesson of the snake queue
lesson of the snake queue If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it or Leave well
enough alone.  But do we?  Oh no, we are always trying to improve on
things, no matter how well they work. Progress does come from constant improvement, but it
needs to be an improv...

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Favourite Words
Shambolic – it simply
sounds better to me than chaotic .. Do lots of people have favourite
words or just a few of us nerds? As everybody is starting to think holidays ( or maybe you prefer to vacation), it
seemed a good time for a different type of blog. Ha...

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We vs Them - relationships in business
vs “Them” – relationships in business Somewhere, sometime, I read an article that referred
to “creating a stronger we” by “identifying a them”.  We seem to do it in all levels of our lives,
both business and personal. In its extreme form it can become ...

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Rain from a cloudless sky
This morning, as I was packing my boot to go to work, I felt a few
drops of water on my arm. I looked up into a clear, blue sky.. Maybe it came
off the car? I went inside for my goodbyes, came back out, and there it was, a
steady drizzle seemingly coming fr...
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