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Lauren Strec
I'm some broad from Chicago who likes craft beer, DIY health, and "real" food.
I'm some broad from Chicago who likes craft beer, DIY health, and "real" food.
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We're halfway through 2016, and I gotta tell you: these past 6 months have been incredibly hard. My mother passed away in January and, since then, it's been a lot of work to organize and adjust to some major changes, in addition to balancing my own work schedule/life. I've had to do a lot of hardcore adulting; taking on a new lifestyle that I've never had to live before.

I'm tremendously fortunate that past life experiences have given me a strong mind, and I've been able to continue with positivity. The stress of the new changes and responsibilities has not weighed me down, or hindered me from getting shit done. But damn, I have been completely occupied.

Things are starting to clear up for me (I think), and I'd like to get back into updating my blog website. Right before this all happened, I had revamped my website to reflect my blogging side, but obviously that had to be put on hold. I'm hoping to have my first new post up in the upcoming week, and to regularly contribute on a weekly basis.

On a related note, I'm cutting down on my social media accounts. Over the years, I have gone from loving social media, to loathing it. I enjoy when it connects people to share humor and to poke at life's quips. And I'm one of those people who actually LIKES to look at others' food pics and selfies. Because I see it as a reflection of appreciating life and oneself.

But as it seems with everything, social media has evolved into another vehicle for money; advertisements everywhere, or the users whoring themselves out by promoting [so many useless] products and businesses. This kind of shit doesn't matter.

Not to mention with the upcoming election, and the violence in our country, that so many people use social media as a platform for opinions on their political choices, gun control, what other people should do with their bodies... I can go on. Having opinions is natural and justified. But the trend in which people choose to express themselves is so fucking NEGATIVE. It is a cancer whenever I log into different accounts and view the feeds.

I have phased out unused accounts in the past, and as much as I like Google Products, my friends, family and coworkers don't use G+, and I'm not motivated to play here. And since Google changed its whole way of sharing photos (very inefficient for those who want public albums), my #1 reason for maintaining my G+ Profile has become obsolete.

I will keep my G+ Profile active for the Reviews, but I will no longer be posting here. I'm most active on my Facebook Profile:
^ (I realize it's a messed up link; long story why I can't make a clean username.)

I know that I am already connected with a lot of you on Facebook, but I would like to make this courtesy announcement in case we weren't, or perhaps if you follow my Facebook Page, which is practically a ghost town for me, and is next to go.

Thanks for reading my novel. There was a time where I posted on social media everyday, and it was a lot of fun to share some laughs, and get to know you. Perhaps we connected for that reason, and I'd like to express that I have aspirations to create that atmosphere again, on my Facebook Profile.


If you are a bar, liquor store, or restaurant that features craft beer, using and +TapHunter is such a smart and efficient move. 
On the flip side, if you are a craft beer drinker and love a certain beer or beer establishment, following the beer on these services lets you know when your favorite brew is near you, and following the venue keeps you up-to-date on the inventory.

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Chicago craft beer drinkers, check out this pretty interesting infographic: data collected from different venues that sell beer, to summarize what people drink most in each Chicago neighborhood.

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Happy National Beer Day!

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Beer and arcade games

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I've always had a more conservative hair style, until I began highlighting it blonde a year ago. This summer, I said, "F--- It," and added some fun colors and a cut that I have always admired, but didn't have the balls to it. After the stain fades away, or whenever duty calls and I have to get back to normalcy, I will miss it, so I decided to make an album to look back upon. Thanks to Strange Beauty Show's Monica and Rachel A. for the color and cut! 
I love my hair
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Which beer goes in which glass?

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