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Amazing skill by Ray Villafane , Realistic Pumpkin carving

#pumpkin , #crafts , #carving , #art , #specialart , #sundayarts .

BTW , That's how I'm feeling now after getting hungover from yesterday .
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Will Be staying in Hospital for a few day . Thank you friends for all the wishes , plusses and comments :D

Jeffry Ng Darwis

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Motherhood might as well be the toughest job in the world . 24 hours of works , no pay and no day off . And the worse part , many good deeds left unappreciated .

With Mother's Day just around the corner , celebrate by wishing her and making her feel how TRULY special she really is .

Prepared your gift ?

Happy Mother's Day

#mothersday #sandart #sculpture #may #wishes
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Jeffry Ng Darwis

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Endangered Red Panda
Aren't they cute ? Well , they might not be here anymore in the near future all thanks to habitat loss and fragmentation, poaching, and inbreeding depression.

Earth Day is upon us . 22 April

No matter how small the efforts , It helps .
Do your part to save Mother Nature since we ARE THE ONE DESTROYING IT .

Humans Are Not The Only one That live In This Blue Planet

#earthday2013 , #earthday , #redpanda , #motherearth , #22april ,
#mothernature , #endangeredspecies , #monday  
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早安   工作順心    心情喜樂
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Jeffry Ng Darwis

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Giraffe Manor , Nairobi

Located in Nairobi, the 140-acre estate is home to eight endangered Rothschild giraffes .The one place that you will be able to eat breakfast while sitting on dining table with this cute animals .
Now that would be a refreshing experience

Have a Great Weekend  ^^  and the upcoming Sunday ^^
And to all Gplusser that are celebrating the Water Festival , Happy Songkran  ^_*

#saturday#placestosee#animals   , #experience ,
#animalpics .
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nice (:

Jeffry Ng Darwis

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Koh Phi Phi Don Island , Thailand

Clear Blue Water that match with the cloudy sky and
beautiful cliffs surrounding  it , traditional Thai long tail boat everywhere to be seen , it's a great place to sit back and relax .

Been missing out on many updates and now
It's certainly  great to be back in G+

Happy Weekends G+ friends
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Omg I wanna go there

Jeffry Ng Darwis

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The amazing Sand Dunes , Lençóis Maranhenses Brazil

Located just outside of the Amazon basin , this place is considered one place that is out of this world
Large area of white sweeping sand dunes with lakes , lagoons and small ponds in the colour ranging from blue to green , It's one special scene

Have a restful Sunday and Great Times Ahead

#amazingworld , #amazinglandscapes #placestoseebeforeidie , #amazingplaces , #beautifulplanetearth , #planetearth , #earth ,
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朋友 , 下午好 :D
谢谢 大家 D Zhu Fu ,
很高兴见 :D

我 hai 在度假 Zong , haha :D ....
很抱歉 , 不能去你们的地方 , 这里的网路线 很 bad ...
5 April  我 回来 , 非常 想念 G+ O ^_^
大家 , 有一个幸福的 周末
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Have him in circles
6,220 people
The Real Professional Photographer shows the way .

#animalphotography , #animalslover , #cuteanimals , #friday
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Canola Flower Fields China

Walking in a country side , Mountains a perfect backdrop . From the golden flowers to the scenic mountains , a great place to escape the city madness .

Have a spectacular day ahead dear G+ friends :D

#amazingplacestosee , #beautifulplanetearth , #earth , #placestosee   , #wonderful  
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Jeffry Ng Darwis

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It's Labor Day .Shoutout to all the laborers of the world . Whatever kind of work or job we have…whether it's not connected in your degree of profession we must be proud and thankful for it ^_____^

Your Hard work and Your dedication
Have helped to build the nation
May you have a great time ahead
Happy Labor Day

#mayday , #laborday , #may , #may1st , #animals , #cuteanimals , #bear  
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午安~喜樂 如意喔
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Jeffry Ng Darwis

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Avenue of the Baobabs ,  Madagascar

One place that really fascinate me is Boabab Avenue - Madagascar . Its striking landscape draws travelers from around the world, making it one of the most visited locations in the region . Along the avenue , there are some 20-25 Boabab trees about 30 meters in height .

Looking at those towering trees and surrounding landscape , one thing comes to my mind - Jurassic park :D

image source - Gavinevans

Good Day dear G+ friends . Have a great refreshing day and may you all have a happy and cheerful time .

#placestoseebeforeidie , #earth , #mothernature , #amazingplacestosee , #thursday  
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Jeffry Ng Darwis

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Glen Brittle , Isle of Skye , Scotland

A place out of fairy tail
Comes with many special and rare plants , This place simply ooze out the word ENCHANTING

#beautifulplanetearth , #placestosee , #placestoseebeforeidie ,
  #landscape , #wednesday#amazingworld
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+Lanni Jolie :D Thank You

Jeffry Ng Darwis

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Glass Winged Butterfly ( Greta oTo )

Nature has many things to surprise us and Greta oTo is just one of it .

Dear G+ friends , i will be offline ( going on a vacation ) for around two weeks
See you guys after 14 days .

Wish you guys Great days and Weeks ahead

#nature , #animalphotography , #animalpics , #butterfly ,
#march , #thursday , #translucent , #transparent , #fly  
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Thanks Friend for all the comments , plusses , reshare and well wishes . I'm still in vacation as of right now and the WIFI connection in hotel is just lousy ...haha . Hope You Guys are doing great and have a great weekend friends :D

I will be back on April 5 and man ....How i miss Google Plus ^_^
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Good for afternoon walk and the area is clean . Man-made lake looks good enough with some extra " there's some small wave as well" On the other hand , please bulk up on the security . It's not a small park . Some uniform men in blue will help to ease our mind .
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Horrible experience .While Phuket beach such as Patong beach is a great place to go , The condition of this airport totally turns me off for another visit . Next time , I will fly to Krabi and go there by bus , or private van instead . Too crowded for such a small place and the security procedures are annoying . Too much hassle if you ask me . Taxi service poor as those drivers really suck in English ...
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Nice shopping experience , and the KLCC Park is a great place to relax during Weekend . Good for relaxing and jogging . Will be even better if there are some stalls selling drinks in the Park .
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Nice place to have family vacation . Walk along the sandy beach , play some water ( dipping your toe ) not swimming . Suitable for a nice Sunday picnic . Water's colour was a bit turn off for me though .
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