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Time to get this page active...  Connected it to the youtube channel.

I tend to use G+ more than Facebook so this will be better for me.  Understanding that many still use facebook, I'll try and rework some magic over there also.

Frankly...  All this "social" mumbo jumo is a full time job.

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I haven't been in MCB chat since there were issues with the links and Toni started her Masters Degree, lost my 1 free night a week.
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MCB - now has a Google+ page. And that means? No idea...

Maybe I can work to keep website stuff here, and personal stuff on my personal page instead of mixing the two up all the time.
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Planet Eclipse - Time vs Value
A study in paintball economics!
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Love it! Don't let the insurance industry know, they'll start selling us gap insurance on new markers, just like they do for new cars.
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