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Hoping Keen will send me a new SPD sandal:

The trick is to not put the plate too far back or too far forward or it will bend. I think I cracked the plastic from over-tightening and a combination of poorly distributed forces due to bent SPD plates.

Has anybody noticed a difference in Silk Chocolate Soy Milk Lately?

Thought of another question when going through my laundry...

Does anybody have any good cycling underwear recommendations? Mine are literally turning into tatters, so I could use some recommendations for something comfortable and that can dry well in between rides on my commute (I change when I get to work) 

Does anybody else always scratch their head whenever it comes time to order replacement pads? I kind of sometimes just order whatever is cheapest, sometimes order just Avid, have tried organic, sintered, etc 

Going to try EBC Green/Gold this time. (Both at different times) They come up popular in searches.

I haul about 200+ pounds with a trailer and deal with moderate hills and have bb7s with 160 rotors. 

I've been in and out of the vegan community for the better part of a decade and the conversation is basically the same. Somebody upset with dog meat. Some other petition. Somebody arguing about abolition versus welfarism. Some other petition.

Hard to get a sense of any momentum or accomplishment when literally the same conversations are happening that have been happening for decades. There was a thing about fur. That's been protested for at least 30 years I think. Ugh. 

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Apparently, commenting on one +Feministing post means I'll get sporadic rape victim trolling forever. Should I engage them or mute the post? Pao's recent op-ed kind of leans me towards the latter. I can't really report the users for just being ignorant either.  

Stolen from a popular dating website, imaging I live in a city with more than the same nine vegans: 

"The most private thing I’m willing to admit:

I am constantly being asked where I get my protein from, so I might as well get that question out of the way. I steal it from omnivores, while they are sleeping." 

Hadn't heard that one before :) 

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Saw this movie tonight, pretty good, made my eyes water. Has a little bit of fan service for fans of her previous film, The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill. It's not an especially vegan film, but as with her previous work, presents nonhuman animals as unique individuals and illuminates the common shared experience of sentient life. (with the exception of fish here)  

So a client at work who knows I'm vegan brought in a newspaper clipping that mentions that a woman in my city won an annoying org's "Sexeist vegan" contest. (originally typed sexist vegan contest, which would be much more interesting and useful)

Rather than being like "Oh wow, there's an attractive vegan in my city!" I got to talk about how discrimination against women is similar to discrimination against species and how I don't like these contests because they objectify women.

Didn't even get to bring up the fact that PETA promotes harmful western beauty standards, and this white wispy contestant fit in within that standard. Also didn't get a chance to critique the fact that the prize is a vacation to Hawaii,  and global warming, which is exacerbated by air travel, seems counter to the spirit of veganism. (In my opinion.)


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Posted this to my circles, but thought somebody here might be able to relate. Think I might start a tag of #thatvegan for when I'm critiquing what other vegans are doing
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