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Finally! A solid article from +Forbes! I've had this discussion with a bunch of people here on G+ too, and the jury was out with a bunch of different opinions.

Basically the conclusion I came to was that G+ would not be serving ads any time soon, but that basically it was a way of Google getting to know its users better, in order to serve better targeted ads elsewhere - like mail for example. 

When Glass finally becomes more mainstream, it's basically another way to gather data. I can't believe I'm agreeing with Forbes...
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So this is what I've been wondering about: how will Google make money out of Google+ and its integration with other applications. Interesting article.
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Thanks +Eli Fennell for this amazingly succinct piece... and to  +Johan Horak for making sure I didn't miss it!
Google I/O Just Pwned Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook
Read on Blogger:

I'm a fan of the Google brand.  But even if I wasn't, I'd still say this: Google just made Apple's WWDC and Microsoft's Surface unveiling look like last decades' news in a little over two hours.  They also made Facebook look like your grandma's social network.

This event foreshadowed Google's emergence as the hottest consumer tech company in the market today, if it wasn't already.  Jelly Bean (Android 4.1, as it turns out, but don't let the number fool you, this is no minor update) brought real game changers to the table, from performance enhancements, to better home screen management features, to better web Search, smart app updates (downloading only the updates, not the whole app), Voice Search that brings Siri-like talk back and natural language support, and more.

The Nexus 7 turned out to be everything rumored and then some.  Asus and Google have created a killer tablet at a killer price ($200 for 8GB, $250 for 16GB) that is certain to give the folks at Amazon cold sweats and nightmares with its high def screen, quad-core processor, NFC support, front-facing camera, and more.

Google's Project Tungsten was unveiled as the Nexus Q, a tiny round ball with lights that looks straight out of the future and unifies all your home entertainment technologies, integrates with your mobile devices, and syncs everything with Google's cloud, for around $300.  Your songs, movies, and more can now go with you everywhere you go, as well as your friends' content, for a true social multimedia experience in real life.

Google Play is riding high with more content (more movies, magazines, etc...), Nexus Q support, and basically almost anything you could want under the sun (and then some).

Project Glass took us for a vicarious ride with a skydiving team in a Google+ Hangout as they wing suited to land on the top of the stadium, scaled down the walls, and biked up to the stage.

And speaking of Google+, we got some interesting and exciting numbers: 250,000,000 users have upgraded their accounts, with 150,000,000 active users, 75,000,000 daily users, and more users on mobile than on the desktop, showing that Google's emphasis on designing a beautiful new mobile app was well worth it.

And updates?  You bet.  A new tablet app, and the new Events feature, are both said to become available in Google Play later today (at least this time they didn't piss off Android users by giving it to iOS users first).  Both the elegant tablet app and the new Events feature made Facebook's comparable offerings look arcane by comparison.

Facebook has never had a decent mobile app for any platform, let alone a true tablet app, and their own events feature is nothing more than a glorified RSVP list compared with the "real time" look and feel of the new Google+ Events.  Point: Google.

And, of course, as was expected, they showed off the improvements they've been making to Google Maps.  They also took steps to make life a lot easier both for app developers, and their hardware partners.

All of this was packed into just the opening keynote, leaving one to wonder how many more interesting surprises might be in store for the remainder of the conference.  What's more, none of this was vaporware like the Microsoft "look don't touch" Surface tablet, which I expect will soon be forgotten.  Attendees are all being given a Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7, and Nexus Q for their troubles.  Point: Google.

Oh, Apple, you got Facebook integration?  How adorably 2008.  Retina displays?  All the better to see just how far behind Google you actually are now.  In addition to everything I've mentioned, Google just started letting developers at I/O preorder Project Glass for $1500.  Apple jumped the shark; Google jumped out of a plane.  Point: Google.

You could feel the palpable excitement at just how much amazing stuff, how much technological wizardry and skillful showmanship was being displayed, the only thing really seeming to be missing was Larry Page himself, who must have been enjoying every minute of the show wherever he was.

Google I/O has already exceeded my wildest expectations, and I'm sure not alone in saying that.  The only thing that made it even better was the ability to watch it with my friends in a Google+ Hangout.

Things are about to get very interesting, and Google's opponents will now be playing catch up on nearly all fronts.  Some have asked: can Google really take on all of their opponents and win, while those opponents form deeper and deeper defensive-offensive relationships?  If Google I/O 2012 is any indication, the answer is a resounding: Yes, and without even breaking a sweat.

In just over two hours, Google put all of their rivals on notice that the ground beneath them was about to turn to quicksand, and probably put about 20 separate industries out of business in the process.

#io12 #io2012
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Great price, great location - and there's a wine cave... awesome.
+Ya jiemdee shared this excellent looking property with us, and it's just impossible not to share the link... For the price, this villa is feature packed! There's even a wine cave - leave the rack behind, be at one with nature and pile your bottles in the cave! Oh - and the pool looks amazing!
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Would you like your own compound in the desert?


30 minutes to world class boat and party life in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, 1 hour to Laughlin, NV and the Colorado River or 2.5 hours to Las Vegas!   Only 10 minutes to the Fiat/Chrysler/Ford proving ground in Yucca, Arizona.


Check this out and get a 2002 Red Corvette for $10.00 when you purchase 4 lots which could be 7 lots very simple and cheap!
Electric and private water to the property!

Get your own gang together and create a compound!

Such great parties..  2 lots are directly across from BLM land so take your ATV's Dirt bikes or horses on LONG journey's.

Lot 109A $27,777    1.61 acres
Lot 109B $32,000    2.01 acres  according to county could be two 1 acre
Lot 105A $29,000    2.68 acres  possible two 1 acres again
Lot 105B $28,999    2.14 acres possible two 1 acres yet again
Easement already recorded for future split
5 acre parcel adjacent possibly available for more room! 

109 A Broadway Rd Yucca, AZ 86438-1112
MLS# 149856

Video of Lots 109 A&B

Video of Lots 105 A&B
2 Photos - View album
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Great, thanks +Walid Muhammad 
 In Rancho's case, most borrowers must make a 30 percent down payment and have a credit score of at least 740, a two-year history of self-employment, a 12-month reserve and a business license or letter from a certified public accountant, HousingWire reported.

"The down payment and credit standards, among others, more than offsets the no-doc risk," said Mark A. Calabria, director of financial regulation studies at the politically conservative think tank, the Cato Institute. 
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Thinking of Refinancing? As you've probably heard, you will only be able to borrow 80% of your house value after July 9th, compared to 85% NOW. This means on a house worth $600,000 you would have access to $30,000 LESS after July 9th. Get your application in QUICK by going to
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Two Hulls House / MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects
Project name: Two Hulls House
Location: Nova Scotia, Canada
Type: Ocean House, Island House, Beach House
Structural system: Steel frame
Project Area: 3,360 square feet
Completion Year: November 2011
Winners of AZURE Magazine’s 2012 AZ Awards : People's Choice - Architecture - Residential

Two Hulls House by MackKaty-Lyons Sweetapple Architects is a 3,360-square-foot structure raised on concrete piers. Its twin pavilions are cantilevered 32 feet out toward the sea...>>
Two Hulls House / MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects (25 photos)
25 Photos - View album
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While browsing through the posted real estate listings over the past couple of days, I was really struck by this offering. It wasn't the price or the pitch that really attracted me, or the sales pitch (not sure I even read the description to tell you the truth).

What really pressed my buttons with this property was the lifestyle that it offered the buyer. Too many properties that are on a decent chunk of land don't try to tell the buyer about the lifestyle advantages of living there - instead there's photographs of bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms. While these are a factor - honestly, when you're marketing a property on land, the first thing that any prospective buyer will be looking at is the land.

Too many agents focus on the discounted price, desirability of the area or the type of benches in the kitchen. A tip for real estate professionals is to do what today's Property of the day does - show good images that tell the prospective buyer what lifestyle they can expect from the property - it's a major selling point too often ignored...
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The latest on Real Estate Mad - combining livability with affordability is always important...
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Amazing Pool Side In A Modern Hotel!

This is the type of hotels that make you said WOW!...

#epicphoto   #pool   #hotelphotography   #photography   #pictures   #travel  
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