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Ernest Adams
Game design consultant and freelance professor.
Game design consultant and freelance professor.

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I'll be at GDC in just a week! Anyone wanting to set up a meeting with me is welcome to get in touch. (Meetings to offer me a lucrative job as Chief Creative Officer at a well-funded startup making Bullfrog-style games in someplace beautiful will be given priority.)

I love working with young people; it makes me feel young myself. Trouble is I'm afraid I'll act that way too and then they'll think I'm creepy and weird and inappropriate.

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Trump's ass gets courteously kicked by the British Speaker of the House of Commons. He won't be addressing Parliament.

Libraries need to be an emergency service just like the police, fire and ambulance services. Open 24 hours, with highly-trained staff on hand. Got a research emergency? Dial 999/911 and the bookmobile will roar up outside your house with lights and sirens to bring the journal you need. Can't be solved at home? They'll bundle you in the back and whisk you away, radioing ahead to make sure the reference desk is prepped for an urgent case.

"... she's going into writer's block... we're going to lose her!"

"Stabilize her her with cat pictures until we can get her into the rare books room."

The number of markups I make on student papers is a bell-shaped curve centered on the C-level papers. I don't need to mark up the better papers so much, and on the really bad ones I just have to give up.

Why does Chun-Li say "Yap yap yap"? Does anybody know? Or is she speaking Chinese?

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Well, here's a rare piece of good news. It's called the Alan Turing Law.

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I signed. I became a British citizen with an understanding that my rights and freedoms as a citizen of an EU nation would be preserved. I want those freedoms preserved regardless of what Britain's imbecilic leaders choose to do.

Insomnia creates a sleep debt that caffeine cannot fully compensate for.

"I learn so much more listening to your lectures than I do reading your book!" said a student enthusiastically after today's lecture. #DamningWithFaintPraise
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