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Marianne Kuzujanakis
Pediatrician. Parent. Gifted advocate. Child advocate. Home educator. Writer.
Pediatrician. Parent. Gifted advocate. Child advocate. Home educator. Writer.


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The world lost a beloved veritable giant in the gifted education field.

Here is my tribute to Dr. James T. Webb.

#giftededucation #giftedchildren #education #parents
A Man Of Meaning
A Man Of Meaning

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Whether by homicide or suicide...."A child or teen dies from a gun every 2 hours and 48 minutes."

Think about this not just today on #NationalWalkOutDay...but also tomorrow, and every day. Kids are our ONLY future. We must do better.

#WalkoutWednesday #StopGunViolence #GunReformNOW

Here are some more gun-related facts from the Children's Defense Fund:

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Please watch this video to become better educated on modern slavery and human trafficking. Today is #HumanTraffickingAwarenessDay (part of January's Human Trafficking Awareness Month).

We must #EndHumanTrafficking in our lifetime. It affects adults as well as children around the world.


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So pleased the topic of the "Highly Gifted" is being addressed on NPR's 1a show.

Asynchrony of the profoundly gifted can't be emphasized enough!

They are "many ages at once", and can appear both advanced and delayed in any particular situation, dependent upon how well the particular situation supports their academic, physical, artistic, and social and emotional needs.

This asynchrony (combined with their intense Dabrowski overexcitabilities) contributes much to the misunderstanding and medical misdiagnosis of these children. The crucial challenge society must arise to is to fully understand and support them, as they are found in all ethnicities, races, genders, and socioeconomic levels.

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"The path to a new beginning starts....with you."

PROFOUND MUST-SEE video from Prince Ea: "Why I Think This World Must End"

We must take back our world through love & kindness. This video will literally bring you to tears. Share widely with others.
Prince Ea
Prince Ea

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Every person must move forward in forgiveness or the world will soon shatter.
The endless violence - in words & in actions - must end now.
We are all humans.

Enough is enough. Just stop the hate.

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MUST-WATCH video clip on gifted students.
Includes interviews with several wonderful experts. Documentary in current production.

#gtchat #edchat #edtech #parents #K12 #gifted

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MUST-READ & SHARE: Study on the rapid growth & proven viability of homeschooling!

#edchat #edtech #gtchat #parents #K12

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What Does it Mean To Be Educated?
An excellent discussion on the state of education today by @BlakeBoles.

#SDE #homeschool #unschool #parents #edchat #edtech
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