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Scot Snow
A digital nomad, graphic coding, JavaScript monkey. Also, music composer. Powered by tea.
A digital nomad, graphic coding, JavaScript monkey. Also, music composer. Powered by tea.

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Some great ideas here. +Pierre Girardot​ - thought of you while watching this and our conversations about running a hostel. 

In an effort to liberate myself from the tyranny of Paypal, I've decided to put some of my music on Bittunes and see how it goes. Bittunes, as the name may suggest, uses bitcoin. Should be interesting. Links when I have them.

ETA: The Bittunes uploader is glitchy, but their support has been ace. More soon.

+Steemit​ Tried to create an account with you guys and got my a SMS code from you at 10:50am AU time, only to then get a notice after I clicked create account that my phone # had already been authorised with you. I've had the number since 2013 and I can assure you this is not the case. Suggestions?

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Scathing. But accurate.

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As I've said elsewhere, I've been this close to deleting my Facebook account for over a year. The only thing keeping me there are friends in far flung places not on any other networks. But the Day of Deletion is now fast approaching ...
Medium contacted me about publishing this on their site ("Hi from Medium - We loved your piece"). Apparently it hit a nerve in their offices, and sparked "intense conversation." It wasn't an easy post to write.

Haven't mentioned it here, but been in hospital for a few weeks. Infection almost killed me. No biggie. Got a metric shit ton of work done. 

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Thanks to cough Facebook, I was reminded I had a birthday yesterday. Current status:

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John Carpenter - Vortex. Full album in Feb. makes gimme hands.

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This is genuinely exciting stuff. Long-ish read, but worth it.

Nov 5. Whether you're pro- or anti-Guy Fawkes seems like a bit of a moot po-oh look, fireworks!
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