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José Rafael Carrero León
Programador, linuxero, gamer y a veces un tipo serio
Programador, linuxero, gamer y a veces un tipo serio

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Amazing icon pack, finally something different, #beluk icon pack
To celebrate 50K download of #Materialistik Icon Pack, it time to GIVEAWAY of my newest pack #BELUK!
It's very easy to have a chance to win:
1. Comment this post (could be anything), Reshare (with #beluk tag on you post)
Winners will be announced next Monday 14th

get Beluk on Playstore

It would be awesome of you could include a shortcut or a widget to access the dialer and contacts list directly. 

The keyboard is great, i really like how you can correct a word after you've typed space and started typing another one, but I'd like to know when I'm going to type an uppercase or a lowercase letter. That's the main issue I have with it right now and the fact that I can't switch languages on the fly

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El resultado de Venezuela vs Paraguay es (citando a Hugo Chavez) una gran plasta....

será que estoy lento? donde está la integración entre G+ y google calendar y google docs?

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Probando la publicacion de videos
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