How I Got Started In ColdFusion

As many others, I follow up on Steve Bryant's idea of declaring August 1st as 'How I Got Started In ColdFusion' Day.

Fifteen (!) years ago I was working as an editor for a large publising company. In the evening hours I helped my best friend in building websites for a start up internet agency. After some time I was asked to join the company. Since I didn't like my job as an editor very much, I didn't hesitate.

After some time we needed to start building database driven websites. The first site was build with Perl, but we needed a better solution. After research, the company decided to go with Coldfusion. Since then we have build nearly all our database driven applications with Coldfusion. We've been partnering up with Allaire, later Macromedia and now Adobe.

I really love Coldfusion, it makes developing web application simple and fun. And it's packed with a lot of functionality, out-of-the-box! The syntax is very clear and, with the adaptation by Adobe, integration with other products from their portfolio (Flex,PDF) is very simple.
It is too bad Coldfusion is still looked down on by many developers, which is wrong. It is powerful, connects to a lot of databases and with frameworks like Coldbox programming is just fun!
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