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My book, Learn Guitar: How to unlock the entire fretboard using a single scale shape is FREE this weekend (17th and 18th October) Grab it now, it's usually $7 #guitarlessons   #guitar   #guitarist   #freebook   #kindle  

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Think you’ve got what it takes to beat me in Real Racing 3?

J5 down! A sad day and no mistake.

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This has really amused me

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Fuck yeah. Just yeah.

Sony PlayStation. It has recently came to my attention that a ps+ subscription will be necessary to gain access to online multiplayer on ps4. Now any sensible person would come to the conclusion that the better course of action is to allow multiplayer to remain free, but add these additional features to ps+ only. This is why:

1. People who want the features will pay for them.
2. People who don't want them aren't throwing their money on someone else's gaming experience
3. Occasional gamers won't feel pressured to play more online as they're paying for the privilege.
4. If not enough people pay for the subscription THEN IT'S NOT WANTED BY THE GENERAL POPULOUS and would be a waste of our money under your current scheme.
5. You have already proven that you're not trustworthy with card details, yet you choose to make it a lot more necessary to have them on your systems, which makes it easier for people to spend too much money.

These options and choices have not been given to the gaming community (the community you profess to be so close and in touch with) Is it a happy coincidence that the route you have FORCED UPON US also contains the most money?

If your decision is correct, then people will pay for ps+ either way, but the company will look a lot less greedy and a lot more fair. If this is not the case then there are some controlling and sly tactics being used.


I know I'm reconsidering my options, I wonder how many others will be alienated by greed and force decisions...

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Barely alive while playing this, but I'm not too picky!

All it's going to take for Linux to rise is a few manufacturers offering tight, solid distros like Mint 14, Lubuntu or Unbuntu 12 on their machines. They're easily end-user friendly enough now to cater for the wider market (especially as a KDE environment is similar enough in function to a classic Windows desktop interface to migrate quickly and easily) and even these heavier than usual distros run like lightening on the modern average spec machine, but come equipped with an array of drivers and codecs. WINE is extremely stable and useable now for anything still only available in .exe. Eradicating cost, open source is a viable option but take price differential into consideration and there's no competition. I wish they'd offer more off-the-self pcs and laptops without an OS, I know it'd be a no-brainer for me. An open source uprising is nigh, you have all been warned.

Before I had a smartphone or a wireless laptop, what the fuck did I used to do while having a shit?
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