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I wrote Python software that helps professionals calculate the probable maximum precipitation (PMP) for a given eastern US watershed boundary and other storm options. Both codes are designed to help the professional apply the techniques and data described in the HMR-51 and 52 publications.

Key Benefits:
• It has fewer input-accuracy constraints than the older FORTRAN code.
• It does not require the user to visually-estimate values from any of the HMR-51/52 figures.
• It natively supports GIS shapefiles and other easier-to-generate input files
• It queries the user for input in a more dynamic fashion using wizard-like dialogues. The wizard-like dialogues are arguably more consistent with the fact the HMR-51,52 methodology demands very careful professional review to ensure situational appropriateness and accuracy.
• It is also designed to more easily support the use of up-to-date local meteorologic statistics rather than the older "All-season PMP" statistical-estimates contained in HMR-51.

In all other respects, enables the user to do everything that the original USACE hmr52.exe code does. However, it also allows the user to search the user-selected neighborhood around the basin-centroid for the storm-center that produces both the maximum peak-rainfall and total storm volume.
Spread the word, and let me know if you or someone you know is interested in this software, or want me to perform a HMR-51/52 analysis for you.


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