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Ultimate Cleaners
Ultimate Cleaners is a professional residential and commercial cleaning company based in ACT and surrounding areas catering to your needs.
Ultimate Cleaners is a professional residential and commercial cleaning company based in ACT and surrounding areas catering to your needs.


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A very short story about window cleaning: a young, successful couple found their dream home. Shortly after purchasing it, the couple sat at their kitchen table to indulge in a delicious breakfast. The wife looked out the window, and to her surprise, she saw her neighbor hanging dirty laundry on the clothesline.
‘Wow, look!’ the surprised wife said to her husband, ‘Her clothes are clean!
Someone must have taught her how to wash her clothes!’ Without raising his head from his plate, the husband kindly responded, ‘Actually, honey, I got up early this morning and washed the window.’
And so it is with life – what we see when watching others depends on the window through which we look. Window cleaning from time to time changes our perspective.

‘That laundry isn’t clean, it’s still dirty!’ she said to her husband. ‘Someone needs to teach her a thing or two when it comes to washing her clothes!’
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Pressure cleaning works to remove the toughest stains and organic buildups from hard outdoor surfaces, whatever the material. We pressure clean driveways, pavers, concrete, stencil, walls, roofs, fences, decks, pavements, car parks, sporting surfaces - you name it! Ultimate Cleaners can restore it for you to a near good as new state.

High pressure cleaning removes heavy stains and the buildup of mould, moss or other substance from hard surfaces - even soft surfaces like pergolas and plastic rooftops.

Ultimate Cleaners has been high pressure cleaning for more than six years. We provide a professional, efficient, no fuss service for all your pressure cleaning requirements.

We have trained staff who know how to carefully and thoroughly clean all types of surface. High pressure cleaning can restore your walls and outdoor entertainment areas to near good as new, ideal for events or for selling. We look forward to helping you get your best asset looking its absolute best.

For a reliable, affordable and friendly service you needn’t go anywhere else - book now or call us to discuss any specific requirements you have and we’ll arrange a quote visit for you in no time. In the meantime, why not check out some of the before and after photos in our gallery (or on our Facebook page where you will also find regular updates and seasonal specials).

Building soft-washing

We can use a specially formulated soap and anti mould treatment to fully disinfect the exterior or a house and remove mould, spores and staining. This process allows for a longer lasting and superior result to pressure cleaning, and as the soap does the work the rinsing of the house is done all using LOW pressure. No blasting and no damage to painted, rendered and other sensitive surfaces. We can bring to life the exterior of any building, and dramatically restore and improve the kerb appeal and general appearance of any building.

We employ the use of hot water, which does a superior job vs cold at all exterior cleaning. It helps kill mould spores, lifts grease and oil, and assists in shifting grime.
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A clean and tidy office always attracts more clients, means investment in Office Cleaning brings additional businesses. So, spending a little for cleaning is not an expense but a very good investment. If your staff remains healthy and contented, your business will eventually grow more due to their productivity.
Ultimate Cleaners team is here to support this aim of yours for Office Cleaning. We take pride in offering the comprehensive office cleaning packages with a work quality comparable to the other specialized office cleaning companies. From floors to the furniture, we ensure to maintain a wholly hygienic and sanitised environment creating a workplace you would love to stay.
Taking the appearance of your office to the next level, we are ready to serve the corporate sector with our outstanding office cleaning services in Canberra. If you need a quick clean-up before an audit, an inspection team is expected to visit your place, or you need assistance in the scheduled cleaning of the entire building, the experts from ultimate cleaners team will be available to serve you.
Besides, we ensure same day availability of our commercial cleaning services so that you approach us at any time and get your cleaning issues resolved within a day. Contact us now to enjoy availing the quickest cleaning service in town.
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Ultimate Cleaners offers cost effective gutter vacuuming for single story and double story homes. Using a high powered industrial wet/dry vacuum mounted on the back of a trailer, our gutter cleaning team can easily suck all debris from your gutters and down pipes.

Any leaves, sticks, sludge or other material (you’d be surprised what’s been found in the past), anything and everything can be removed from your gutters and pipes with very little disturbance or time required. Our method is much more efficient than others (scooping by hand, for example) as it removes more fine dust and sludge.
Gutter cleaning reduces fire risks.

Gutters with combustible debris sitting in them pose a major fire hazard. Cleaning them out is essential for reducing risk and should be part of every at-home fire management plan. Build up of dry leaves, bark, sticks and other materials in your gutters act as kindling in fire season, dramatically increasing the threat hazard. Fires spread from the gutters into the eves and the roof cavity. Having clean gutters reduces this risk significantly.

Gutter cleaning avoids costly water damaged roofs.

Blocked gutters and down pipes lead to excess water overflowing and leaking into the roof cavity of your house. Clean gutters will ensure that storm water can drain effectively, reducing the risk of flooding to your roof. This also helps protect the woodwork around the eaves, fascias and framework of the house.

If you’re wondering whether your gutters might need clearing, the answer is probably yes, but we are more than happy to visit and check for you before you decide. We can provide a quick and affordable quote for you to consider.
Our standard service includes:

Removing all material from roof – this reduces the frequency between cleans as some of this material would wash back into the clean gutters;

Vacuuming out all gutters and down pipes – using our trailer mounted petrol powered wet/dry vacuum. Material is taken away in drums and recycled; and

Check all down pipes and unblock as necessary – this includes using water pressure and and eel, 99% of the time this will clear a blocked down pipe.

We use a blower at the start of a job to remove the material on the roof, however if there is any mess on the ground we clean it up, and even if there’s not we always leave a property cleaner than when we arrived.
Did you know?

In treed areas of Canberra and the surrounds, many people need their gutters cleaned once or twice a year. Ultimate Cleaners can install a gutter guard system which will reduce the frequency of required gutter cleaning. Call us today on 0261006214 to enquire about this product!

Blocked down pipes are another reason for guttering systems to fail and water damage to occur. Ultimate Cleaners can clear blocked down pipes (so long as the blockage is above the ground), and can even replace down pipes at an affordable price.

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Roofs that are sloping in nature needs to be secured with ridge capping. Most sloped roofs have two sides that meet in the middle and forms the apex of the roof. The line-of-contact formed is called the roof ridge line or roof ridge.

Ridge capping is essentially a process of securing this roof ridge line. It is vital since roofs without ridge are prone to water and moisture build up overtime and is very inefficient when it comes to thermal energy usage.

Ridge capping covers the ridge of the roof, or where two tiled roof surfaces meet. Ridge capping is necessary to seal the gap so the roof is watertight.
The condition of the ridge capping will determine its functionality. Over time the mortar bedding and flexible pointing (flexible cement type product) deteriorates, and can become loose, cracked and fall away. This leaves gaps in the roof where water can penetrate and will most likely result in costly water/moisture damage to the roof and possibly ceilings below. Loose tiles can also become dislodged in heavy storms creating a much larger opening to the roof where the risk of damage is much higher. Ridge capping that is in poor condition with misaligned ridge caps and cracked mortar can also make the building look old and poorly maintained.
Fluctuating temperatures can cause the wood in the roof to expand and contract. These roof behavior can cause the mortar to crack and dissolve the bond between the tiles and the ridge capping. Other factors that causes movement can also affect the integrity of the roof. The weight of Tiled roofs also helps in causing the wood to sag and eventually break under heavy load. We will inspect the roof to ensure that all features are ok before conducting rebedding and pointing, and would replace any broken parts like battens and tiles on the roof. To prevent any potential disaster that can be cause by a loosed ridge cap. It is always better to get the maintenance done long before there is a risk of water build up to your home or building.
Tiled roofs are very durable roof covering but the effects of weather causes the mortar to eventually break down to a point that it becomes sandy and if left alone would be reduce to a crumbling mass.
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