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How We Got To Now
For Oct. 30th 2017 By Sam and Steven Johnson

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Over The Edge
For August 28th

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Greener Grass
People like old Gus are just not happy. No matter how high on the hog they live, no matter they have money in the bank, no matter how nice is the sunshine - old Gus isn't going to be happy. He sits like a lump and complains. One day it's politics and the ne...

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Scott Martelle
The author plans to visit on June 26th

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Flags of Our Fathers by Bradley
Planned for August 28th

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it's even worse by Ornstein
Planned for July 31st discussion

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1776 by McCulloch
Panned for meeting May 1st.

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Political Liberals Have Gone Bonkers
I grew up with Roosevelt. Sat thru his efforts to get into the war, his constant push to elevate the power of the President, his push to overload the Supreme Court and so on. He became a very powerful liberal politician in America. Truman and his successors...

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