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I've just signed up for Project Fi. While I'm waiting for the SIM and Nexus 5X to ship, what advice might you have for someone coming to Android from iOS?

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Wonderful post! I, too, have been sitting on some material that came out of my time in France in 1994. I've sometimes thought of taking these histories and creating a fantasy world for them, or possibly imagining a dystopian future in which history could repeat itself. Thanks for reminding me of this!

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Wow. I want to write at your house!

I used to migrate with the weather—largely because it was too hot upstairs in summer in my old place to even think clearly—but now in a different house I have an office that stays warm in the winter and is one of the cooler places in the home in summer (thanks to a bamboo shade hung outside the windows).

Now, instead of migrating, I simply reorganize the space every so often. The new arrangement I've come up with recently, however, is quite nice and I imagine it will simply be variations on this same theme from this point forward:

I have a small standing desk on one side of the room with a tall stool to lean against or perch myself on when I need to get off of me feet. I also have a small(ish) sitting desk on the opposite wall, looking out over the front garden. I use this desk when I need to spread out with papers and note cards for outlining and such. I might even use it for a sewing table some time soon. Additionally, there are three large bookcases and some other furniture, plus a calendar, cork board, and small white board on the wall to help keep me on task.

All of this in a small second bedroom!

I do still want/need to do some more organization and tidying in this space, but I should probably post some photos of my office.

(I should mention that at least twice a week, I walk over to my local, indie coffee shop and work there for several hours. I get to walk through the neighborhood park and past "backyard habitats," lovely gardens, urban chickens, and more!)
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