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ETF Database: The Guide to ETF Investing
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Ever wanted to know the Dow Jones Industrial Average's best and worst annual returns? How about where the index will go in the future? Check out our complete guide to the second-oldest index in the U.S.
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Wide World Of Muni Bond ETFs by +Michael Johnston

As investors have become more comfortable with the idea of achieving fixed income exposure through the exchange-traded structure, bond ETF assets have skyrocketed and the number of funds has increased rapidly.
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Here's a short & sweet guide for sugar futures:
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The chart of world beer production bears a striking resemblance to our money supply: 
Wolf Richter www.testosteronepit.comGood news first. Despite the financial crisis, the Eurozone debt crisis, the housing collapse, the endless series of taxpayer-funded or central-bank-engineered ba...
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Choppy markets are prompting investors to hunt for yield: 
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Check out the top 30 Google Plus pages ETF Investors must follow!
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Thanks for the mention. #14 works for us.  :-)
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Would you invest in a timber or ethanol ETF? Check out Commodity HQ's list of 5 commodity ETFs that don't exist, but should!
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Great market Wrap-Up from!
In case you missed it, our Market Wrap-Up for Aug 1 - featuring MA, ENR, ALL, CMCSA, and more!)
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Yields on Spanish debt continue to climb....just how high can they go? A lot higher than you might expect. 
A look at government bond yields since 1860ALTHOUGH government bonds are usually regarded as a “safe asset”, they have been highly volatile over the long term.
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Wow, the Post Office is a mess. An operating loss of about $25,000 PER MINUTE
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The Original and Comprehensive ETF Database for Financial Professionals

ETF Database's mission is to give our audience, consisting of both active traders and value investors, information that, to our knowledge, is truthful and non-biased. 

Toward that end, we acknowledge these objectives:

1. To provide daily coverage of the ETF industry that goes “beyond the headlines.” 

To this end, our content includes analysis, commentary, and actionable investment ideas for buy-and-hold investors, financial advisors implementing tactical allocation strategies, and individual investors seeking to capture superior risk-adjusted returns through active trading of ETFs.

2. To educate the financial community on the benefits, drawbacks, complexities, and other issues associated with ETF investing. 

With very few exceptions, there are no “bad” financial products or “bad” ETFs; many ETFs however are only appropriate for very specific goals or investors, and information about such ETFs should clearly and plainly state their risks and intended use.

3. To provide financial advisors and individual investors resources to make intelligent, informed ETF investments. 

ETF Database maintains a robust collection of resources, including free and premium content, for use by financial advisors and individual investors when researching potential ETF investments. We strive to present all investment resources in a timely, accurate, and user-friendly manner.

We believe that financial publications must earn reader trust with transparency. As such, ETFdb authors always disclose when he (she) writes about an investment he (she) owns. 

Moreover, ETFdb analysts and contributing writers adhere to the highest journalistic standards.

We promise to try our best to adhere to these guiding principles.

Our tools include:

  • ETF Screener - A free tool that searches and analyzes all ETFs currently included in the ETF Database.
  • ETF Stock Exposure - Allows investors to quickly identify all U.S.-listed equity ETFs with significant exposure to a particular security.
  • ETF Country Exposure - Easily find equity ETFs with exposure to a particular country
  • Mutual Fund to ETF Converter - Identify ETF alternatives to traditional actively-managed mutual funds.
  • Head-to-Head ETF Comparison - Enter ticker symbols for two U.S.-listed ETFs to see a head-to-head comparison of holdings, performance, technical indicators, and descriptive information.
  • iPhone, iPad, and iTouch Applications - Our free app includes detailed information on more than 1,100 U.S.-listed exchange-traded products.
  • ETFdb Pro Let ETFdb Pro analysts be your private research staff. You'll gain access to detailed analysis of hundreds of ETFs in dozens of categories.
  • ETF Analytics - Allow for in-depth and flexible analysis of groups of exchange-traded products, facilitating comparison of similar products across more than a dozen investment metrics

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