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What happens if you wear Google Glass on dates?
The most awkward part about wearing Google Glass on half-a-dozen dates or so? Discussing my love life with dating experts and my editor afterward.

As soon as you demonstrate Glass to people, their worries about being covertly recorded tend to evaporate. In my experience, the main trouble Glass causes on dates is simply that it draws a lot of attention from strangers and invites interruptions. That'll stop happening once the gadget's a bit more familiar to the public.

In the meantime, I intend to continue wearing Glass on my romantic outings ... despite a few strange moments and despite scoldings from dating experts. I may not keep it on the whole time, mind you.

I have a hunch that taking Glass off — whether consciously or instinctively, whether to set it on the table or to stash it in a bag — could become my new tell, a sign of affection.

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