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Google just launched a map of deforestation around the world; Global Forest Watch,  which will be updated monthly and shows data for deforestation going back to 2000, and includes cool analytical features

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Love Ho Hey. It's always sure to get me singing loudly out of tune

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This 14-year old was shot in the head and neck for advocating for, and starting a fund to help impoverished Pakistani girls get, an education. The Taliban have vowed to try to kill her again if she survives. She's 14 years old! 

In Indonesia, another 14 year old girl was expelled from school for bringing shame to it. How? She was raped by sex traffickers.

For those wanting to honor Malala’s courage, there are 2 orgs (supported by this NYT columnist) building schools in Pakistan; Developments in Literacy ( and The Citizens Foundation ( 

"The greatest risk for violent extremists in Pakistan isn’t American drones. It’s educated girls."

I've donated. I hope you do too
My column on what we can learn from this amazing and brave Pakistani girl, now lying unconscious in hospital with bullet wounds.

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Pretty much buying all the books in the "Banned Books" section.

Bought 14 books which should have cost $214. Instead they cost me just under $14. Bargain!
We’ve just added more great apps for 25c only to the #25billion collection: Shark Dash, Cut the Rope, FIFA, Paper Camera & World of Goo, just to name a few. Here's the full collection: Which apps are you adding to your #Android apps collection?

It doesn't stop there, check out 25 Banned Books (US&CA-, 25 Movies to Own,(US-, 25 Albums from $3.99 (US-

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- “If you’re going to fail at building something, fail at building the f***ing iPad. Don’t fail at building children.”

 - "Gates evolved from an asshole into a human being. Jobs remained an ass.”

- "Women CEOs and managers didn’t need a biography of an absent father to start thinking about balancing work and family; unlike the fortysomething dudes, they’ve been having conversations about this trade-off most of their lives."

I enjoyed the dissection of rejector v acolytes of Jobs' style because although I appreciate honest "non sugar-coated" feedback, I think there's an appropriate way of giving constructive or difficult feedback.. and Jobs didn't do it.

It's an old article, but related to some leadership philosophies I'm interested in researching. Anyone have recommendations for good leadership and/or communication books?

I've never been a tea or coffee drinker but +DAVIDs TEA has converted me. So many smells and flavours. Just had one that tastes like hot chocolate! It just arrived on Polk St a few weeks back and is my new go-to spot on weekends.

Our current 2 favorites at home: Jumpy Monkey has caffeine and tastes better than coffee in the morning, and at night Mother's Little Helper can put you to sleep better than tablets can.

Roll on Tea parties! 

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Michelle Obama: My vote for President 2016! 

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Katie wins first London Olympic gold medal for Ireland. Yay!

Rumours she'll retire and focus on football.... bring women's soccer to the next Olympics perhaps?!

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94% of Greenland experienced thaw by mid-July, the most in 30 years of tracking. Bye bye coastal cities....

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Google's Street View; now in Yosemite, Redwood, Sequioa, Kings Canyon and Death Valley National Parks!
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