Due to snow in Frankfurt our plane has been pretty badly delayed (>3hours). +British Airways have boarded us all in the hope that there's a gap somewhere that would allow us to get going sooner.

I'm sat tight reading through the early chapters of 'Approaches to Learning' for #pcutl. Reading through a chapter about the philosophy of teaching and after a discussion on the Socratic dialog thought this quote was cool:

'Even in distance or online learning contexts, it is important to create a learning environment that allows for the possibility of multiple interpretations in order to guide learners towards a better understanding of concepts.'

Not sure how applicable the above is to mathematics, are there multiple interpretations to a theorem? But being able to create dialog is obviously awesome. :)

Another cool quote was this:

"In the Socratic dialogues, Socrates gives the example of the slave boy who had no knowledge of geometry but was able to understand a theorem drawn in the sand. He claims that the boy already possessed this knowledge in some way, and was 'remembering it'."

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