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Election Results 2014 - Take it with Pinch of Salt
Now since the results of 2014 Elections has given way to the dust and muck of election campaign and exit poll debates, it's time to remind everyone that now there is no point finger pointing. It is time to gracefully accept the mandate given by the largest democracy of the world and lets all get into mode of constructively helping to raise the agenda and ensure that BJP & Narendra Modi delivers on the promises which they have made to 1.25 billion people of this country.
Following are my two cents of advice to BJP & Narendra Modi ( I know they may not even care or look at such advice, I want to take pride of being able to constructively  recommend and feel that I am contributing to Nation Building ):
While giving my advice, I would like to assume that basics like Good Infrastructure (Roads, Water, Electricity, Connectivity), Food , Clothing, Shelter is any most important and will be obviously on top of mind for everyone.
1. Reduce Corruption and take it to ZERO
2. Connect the Rural Areas to the GROWTH Story of India
3. Use Resources of Country Strategically (Natural as well as Human Resources)
4. Give preference to Business which has potential to earn Foreign Revenues
5. Give Preference to Sustainable Job Creation vs. Short term job creation
I am sure everyone would like to add much more than this, these are most crucial issues I think which needs to be addressed in the paradigm I am living in.
Different people will have different paradigms and may have many more concerns which need to be addressed, they are free to add in comment so that comprehensive list is developed.
Details of the above mentioned five points are in my detailed blog which can be viewed on following link

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Hi All, you may be interested in knowing what is happening to real estate prices ? Read my thoughts !

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Great opportunity for PMP Certified Professionals to be part of ALL India Debate contest on IT Management best practices named QLarified 2012 (read as Clarified 2012)
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Application Portfolio Rationalization would be key to save the face of CIO....Industry best practices like ITIL ,CobiT etc can add lot of value we will include this as one of debate topic for

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Great Platform to Share Knowledge and Find Good Knowledge Providers

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Great for any one who cares about knowledge
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