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I like knitting


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"A boy becomes a man when a man is needed" -Steinbeck

In other words, stop being such a frightened bunch of wimps about everything gen y... millennials... whatever the hell they're calling you these days. Get your hands dirty, dig in. Life is dirty, it's a mess, embrace it.

There's this mentality that has developed, this faith in a rational world, where everything is ordered and linear and all makes sense. Collect the items on level one, solve a simple puzzle, get to the boss, defeat the boss, progress to level two.

Life isn't rational and it's nothing like a video game. You weren't meant to start out life with the ideal job. There's no ideal time to get out of your parent's house, or to have that unexpected kid, or to compromise your standards for a paycheck, This is life, this is it, so dig in and embrace it. Get some callouses on your hands and your brain and your soul. Become a man, or a woman that has seen some shit, that has lived through it. Become somebody that has something to say about life with some authority, because you lived it.

Stop aborting your life by ensconcing yourself in video games and pop culture, stop aborting your adulthood by staying in your parent's house and not passing up that less than ideal job, stop aborting your kids because everything isn't ideal just right now. Embrace your life.

Man up, woman up, and best of all, and hardest of all, and most rewarding of all, find happiness in this messy, hard life. It will be all the easier because this is the messy life that you made, not the one that you avoided and not the one that was made for you.

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Did you ever say anything you regret? And then spend the rest of the night beating yourself up for what a terrible person you are? I did. And I am.

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My husband, the talented +Christopher Wrann , has Volume one of his webcomic, Aquarium Drinking, available now at! Check it out!

Hey, +chris batt , I went to the Coventry market on Sunday to see you and purchase some cheesy cheese. How dare you take the day off!!!

Hi Google +. I almost forgot I was still here.

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