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Hello All,

I'm posting these thoughts here to enable some collaboration among the group (if wished) around shaping some of the world of Mystamyr (the Altai tribe) and engaging your ideas (as I know you have some excellent creative flow from time to time) is shaping some backstory.

Aoth is a member of a guild called the Sentinels from the Altai tribe - this is his link/passion for his thieves guild allegiance as he's multiclass. The initial thought was that they were the defenders of the mountainous routes into Altai territory but I pondered it over a couple of sleepless nights recently and came up with the following. I'm open to other suggestions as to how this can be made more "cool" and potentially engage with any thoughts you had about our local area and the peoples inhabiting it. This may also help to create topics for exploration by the party in due course or adversaries/allies for our GM as well as a richer, deeper setting to play around in.

Unedited thoughts follow:-
Thoughts regarding the Sentinel's Guild of the Altai (although I was considering bouncing the ideas of the other player in order to get some sort of collaborative effort going to deepen the involvement of us all - let me know if that seems like a good plan and I'll post up on G+):-

They act in two main roles - they are the shepherds of the dead for their tribe and they act to oppose and slay those who threaten the tribe.
As shepherds for the dead they know the "dark places" of the tribe and act as guardians and stewards of these burial grounds/catacombs/secret spaces. This means that they're exposed to a lot of death and conflict and this can sometimes lead to being overly self-reliant/self-protective, even perceived as selfish.
They're not guardians for the tribe as much as they attack those who threaten their people. Killing one foe (especially goblinoids) just means that another will take their place but making the retribution for any assault so terrifyingly undesirable will act to defend the tribe's borders. This is mostly accomplished by information gathering, traps and stealthy assassination. There may also be a place for acting in a "terrorist" fashion against the northern Goblinoid tribes, but this isn't something I'd want to explore in game at present. This would explain why they're perceived as being the "aggressive" barbarian tribe compared to others locally in Mystamyr.
They wont let a fellow guild member be taken alive - not only do they know of the secret and sacred places of the tribe but given their aggressive behaviour described above they know that only torture and death awaits them. This doesn't always mean mercy execution, it may mean attempted rescue in the face of challenging odds.

Game ideas on...
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I've also summarised the rumours we've currently learned from around Anminster for the group's reference:-
1. Skeletal warriors can be seen on the far shore of Lake Mirrormere.
2. Lake Mirrormere is cursed and all who stray from Anminster to the far shore never return.
3. The Tor is cursed - even the dwarves wont build there.
4. Master Peregrine's horses are of high quality and his prices are the best in the region.

Other rumours we're aware of:-
5. Bandits on the causeway are disrupting trade with Sharna. The Lord of Anminster is looking for someone to rid him of these bandits.
6. There have been many sightings of Orcs in the mountains to the east of Woodfell.
7. Travellers to the west of Woodfell have been ambushed by the walking dead.
8. There's still a bounty on the head of Bargul, a mage of ill repute.
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Notes from the last session, and some observations:-

As Lothmyr and Aoth scaled the first level of Moonspike tower Evandur and Glar waited down by the lakeside with the fisherman we'd hired to carry us across the lake. Aoth snuck over to the front of the tower and spotted two goblins resting by the front of the tower. As the stealthy pair crept forwards to surprise their foes Lothmyr kicked loose some stonework and one of the goblins turned, alerted to the danger. Aoth put an arrow through the groin of a goblin and Lothmyr felled the second with his sword. As we took the time to hide the bodies of the guards glar and Evandur approached, drawn by the sounds of fighting. The party gathered themselves ready to enter the tower itself.

Two further guards fell beneath Glar's blade as we burst into the tower but as one cries out the sounds of activity built around us. Glar opened the door to the left of us (as we had entered the room) and to his surprise the giant form of an Ettin charged him. As Glar moved forwards to engage his massive foe Lothmyr and Aoth drew their bows. Drawn by the noise of the conflict the door on teh opposite side of the room we had entered opened and a heavily armoured bugbear entered the room. Our foes felled first Aoth and then Evandur with solid blows and as Glar is finally able to fell the Ettin with Lothymyr's assistance the bugbear withdraws from the combat and seals the door behind him. As the party recovers from their injuries Glar searches the room and finds a stash of gens and gold.

The party withdraws from the tower and heads back across the lake to Anminster, but as they near the Inn they are startled by the sounds of conflict and skeletal forms outside the inn.

And now my observations:-
It's a bit tricky for Aoth to reconcile the fact that Glar is a stone-cold killer. He lives amongst a savage barbarian tribe but even they do not kill without quarter and recognise that both a beaten foe may have information that could be of benefit and that giving no quarter will result in the same being extended to the party should they find themselves beaten. Perhaps rather than simply slaughtering all we come across (including the strangely cultured Ettin at the heart of the Ettinmarsh - I'm not sure the villagers of Anminster may appreciate that fact) we could potentially offer the occasional surrender to our foes (as we did in Orc Tower/Griffonwatch to some extent)?
Any comments?
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