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Planning Outdoor Activities for Your Senior Family Members

Just because they have already reached an advanced age doesn't mean that seniors can't spend their time outdoors. However, doing outdoor activities with your senior family members will require planning to ensure their safety and health.

- Consider the distance and travel time to the destination. Seniors often feel uncomfortable with long car rides.

- Make sure the activity can accommodate your loved ones' situation. For instance, walking around the park is good, but rock climbing won't do.

- Know their preferences and past hobbies. Pick activities they can enjoy.

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Do’s and Don’ts when Shopping with your Elderly Loved One

Here are simple shopping tips you can share with your beloved senior family member.

• Pick fruits and vegetables and ensure the colors are varied.
• bChoose nuts and fruits high in fiber.
• Read nutrition labels.

• Don’t buy butter.
• Don’t buy high-fat meat.
• Don’t make instant food changes.

Does your elderly loved one need constant companion when heading to the grocery? We can help you! Contact us about our homemaking services at Home With Help.

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Hygiene Care Tips for Family Caregivers When Handling Seniors

If your senior loved one is with you at home, these care tips can greatly improve their hygiene:

-Ensure bathroom safety.
-Set up a hygiene routine.
-Consider their personal care choices.
-Be sensitive in handling hygiene care.

To assist you in caring for the hygiene needs of your family member, contact us at Home with Help. We also serve the Greater Scottsdale, Phoenix AZ area.

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Where to Get Nanny Care in Greater Scottsdale, Phoenix AZ area

The nanny provides focused care & attention to your baby while you completely recover from the stress and pressure of childbirth. Don’t look too far in looking for a well-trained nanny. Our specially-trained staff can attend to the specific needs of your newborn.

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5 Ways to Spot a Good Nanny

Here are the signs you’ve found a good nanny:

1. Your child expresses excitement upon seeing the nanny.
2. Your kid keeps on talking about what the nanny says and does.
3. Your tot is kept clean and their room is, too.
4. The nanny arrives on the agreed time.
5. The nanny helps you find creative solutions on care problems.

At Home With Help, we help you find experienced nanny for your little one. We extend our service at the Greater Scottsdale, Phoenix AZ area.

#HomeCare #Seniors
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Cooking Tips When Feeding Seniors

-Replace salt with fresh herbs & other spices.
-Prepare easy-to-swallow meals, such as stew or soup.
-Encourage your senior loved ones to pick their favorite recipe.

To provide you homemaking assistance in Greater Scottsdale, Phoenix AZ area, contact us.

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What to Look for in a Home Care Agency

Do you have a family member who needs personal assistance at home? When the needs are not medical in nature, the home care services are right for you. Look for these requirements when choosing the ideal home care agency:

-State license
-Medicare license
-Employee screening

Here in Greater Scottsdale, Phoenix AZ area, you can turn to Home with Help for your homecare needs. Contact us for inquiries.

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How to Deal with Picky Senior Citizen Eaters?

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Frequently Asked Question: What May Be Causing My Baby's Skin Rashes?

Skin rashes among babies are usually normal. As a matter of fact, newly born babies develop skin rashes as a response to the new environment. These rashes normally disappear over a few days. However, there are those that can cause pain and discomfort. Below are three common causes of skin rashes among babies:

1. Prolonged exposure to pee can cause rashes around the diaper area.

2. Allergic reaction to dust and mites can easily develop skin rashes as babies have super sensitive skin.

3. Skin rashes may indicate that your baby has a skin disease, like eczema.

#BabyCare #SkinRashes #HomeWithHelp
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Aging Adults and Their Daily Dose of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a crucial nutrient that supports calcium absorption and muscle building. Without this, our aging loved ones will have frailer limbs and slower movements. Help them get enough of this vitamin by exposing them to the early morning sun!

#VitaminD #Wellness #SeniorCare
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