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This morning I read the +Goktug Gokdogan 's slides and was surprised by the GWT.jsni() method. It is a nice use case for rebinding methods. I just added a version of GWT.jsni() to the HelloRebinding sample, implementing it as a rebinding method (no compiler mods). It took me just 30 minutes of coding to add an extension to support this:

   JsniUtil.jsni("$wnd.alert(#)", message);

- Usage:

- Definition:

- Generator:

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The last 3 months I have been working on a GWT Improvement Proposal inspired by the idea of +Ray Cromwell for Relaxing constraints on GWT.create() . I wrote a technical document and implemented it as a fork of GWT master at GitHub.
As a quick example of what is possible to do with Rebinding Methods, you can look at the hellorebinding sample:

public MainWidget() {
    * No boilerplate required to bind user interfaces.
    initWidget(UiBinders.createAndBindUi(Widget.class,  MainWidget.class, this));

The working prototype is fully functional, and passed the same test suites than GWT master. DevMode works fine, and I think SuperDevMode should work too.
Please, feel free to add feedback in the document and/or GitHub. I apologize for my possible grammatical errors, since I'm not english native speaker.

Links of interest:
- Ray Cromwell's blog post:
- Rebinding Methods proposal:
- Working prototype:

Thanks in advance.

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Someone interested in support for GWT.create(this.getClass()) to allow self generated objects? I wrote a patch for it.

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The "do it easy" library ;-)
Announcing Guava 13.0

We just released Guava 13.0. If you're using maven, here are the artifacts: (GWT version)

If you;d like to download the jars directly, you can grab them here:

Full release notes can be found at:

Notable changes:
-Brand new RateLimiter and Striped APIs.
-Caliper benchmarks are now open sourced.
-LinkedHashMultimap's memory footprint has been reduced by ~50%.
-ImmutableSortedMultiset's memory footprint has been reduced by ~40%.
-ImmutableSortedMap's memory footprint has been reduced by ~50%.
-A significant performance regression in LocalCache has been fixed.

Thanks to all who tested our release candidates. Report any
bugs you encounter, and enjoy the new features.

-+Kurt Alfred Kluever, Guavian

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