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Despre religie, stiinta si scoala
S-a discutat mult in ultimele saptamani pe tema orelor de religie in scoli. Desi am ajuns tarziu la masa discutiilor, o sa abordez si eu aceasta problema, dar dintr-un unghi putin diferit. In contextul acestei discutii am aflat ca acum cativa ani Ministerul...

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After a long movie break I managed to see one during this holiday season. Arrival is not the standard SF movie, as it is not packed with action and special effects. It's rather a philosophical story about communication and how a language can shape our mind....

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Carpool Karaoke
I just discovered a show from UK, a guy doing interviews with various singers while driving a car. And mixed with doing karaoke on the songs of the guest. It's fun and it's nice. Here is a special Christmas edition with a mesh of many guests singing a Chris...

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Girls Talk
I found this little gem today while digging in some Garbage (playlist :)). Enjoy!

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New Voices on My List
Sometimes I stumble upon new songs that I like, but usually it's just an isolated hit. If I search for other songs from the same band they don't impress me. However recently I discovered not one, but two performers (one band and one singer) that I really li...

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Tonight We Are Young
A nice song to listen after playing for more than an hour with all the kids from the playground :)

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Si Me Das A Elegir
Life is somewhere else these days, but I stumbled onto this addictive song today and I remembered I had a blog where I used to post songs I like. So here it is "Me Quedo Contigo (Si Me Das A Elegir)" from Manu Chao: If you open the above video in YouTube it...

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When The Levee Breaks
I don't have that much time for watching movies anymore, so the only Oscar nominated movie I watched this year was "The Big Short". It tells the story of some guys who realized early on that the American housing market will collapse, bet against it and made...

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Coaliția România Respiră
Vreme de un an de zile cei de la Coaliția România Respiră au dus o luptă continuă pentru adoptarea noii legi care interzice fumatul în spațiile publice închise. Și iată că astăzi legea a fost publicată in Monitorul Oficial, ceea ce înseamnă că va intra în v...

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După 20 de ani
Acetst post l-am început anul trecut, dar pe parcurs m-am luat cu altele și nu am reușit să îl mai termin atunci. Dar știți vorba aia: niciodata nu e prea târziu, așa că uite că îl termin acum. În 2015 s-au împlinit 20 de când am terminat liceul. În iunie a...
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