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Christopher Paul
Big time gamer and purveyor of strangeness.
Big time gamer and purveyor of strangeness.

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I've got a bunch of RPGs and tabletop games I'm trying to offload. Let me know if you're interested!

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I don't post publicly often. I post to Lamentations of the Flame Princess, OSR, and a curated list of folks called "RPG." If you have added me to a circle for RPG stuff, I usually add you back to that list. If you want to be on that list, just circle me.

I post almost exclusively about OSR RPG stuff, mostly sharing new content/ideas via my blog, with the occasional semi-related music video, book or movie rec, or some such thing. Never re-shares or politics.

I'm officially done with being a teacher. I've done that for 10 years, and resigned. I'm going to focus exclusively on writing RPG stuff, and on the business I hope to start.

This feels like a new beginning, and I wanted to share. Hope to see more of you around!

I've also updated the LotFP FAQ at my blog to include a list of suggestions for running LotFP at cons:

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This is specifically for the playtest document. It generates a random extinct language for spellbooks. Useful for players who don't feel like choosing, or for random scrolls and spellbooks that they come across.

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I received the Playtest Document 0.1 just in time for gaming tonight.  The players will be rolling up new characters to give the rules a spin (these characters will report directly to their higher level characters in the same campaign world).

I had to whip up a quick character sheet and thought others might need it as well.  Very barebones as I plan to not use any house rules (at first) in order to get a pure playtest going.!11233&authkey=!AFY3lEjjhSxnhlc&ithint=file%2cpdf

I'm also going to give Wonder & Wickedness a try as the initial spell selection.

Mini Session update:

Today, the encounter with the "anthropomorphic rattlesnake female" (ie, Naga) took up the entire session.  She wanted "harmony" but in a negative way, and had the power to split off copies of herself in time and space (via The Metamorphica).  All this was generated via random encounter via random tables, etc.

She first slithered on deck and the players were on alert.  Then more of her came, then the players started to have memories of her interacting with them over the last week.  Then they witnessed her getting killed by the anti-combat aliens following them.  After much experimentation, they realized that she was trying to goad them into killing her, which caused small time rifts.  Finally, they made it clear that they wouldn't hurt her (anymore) and she left, realizing she wouldn't get any more fights out of them.  (Although, they had killed 5 versions of her by then, but lucky for them, all rolls failed to turn up a "time rift" result.)

Now they find the witch's priory floating over London Tower, ready to free the King's political prisoners, and the anti-combat aliens hovering nearby.  They hope to ally the two - can the witches bring about a new world order by having the "Combat Crushers" disintegrate their enemy's armies?
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