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Florida Criminal Attorney & DUI Lawyer
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Be careful out on the roads tonight if you are in Pinellas County...There will be DUI Checkpoint in Palm Harbor on US 19
Warning DUI Checkpoint TONIGHT

Attention all Pinellas County residents! The Pinellas County Sheriffs Office will be conducting a DUI checkpoint TONIGHT (10-18-2013) on US Highway 19 in Palm Harbor, Fl between Curlew Road and Tampa Road.

The DUI checkpoint will be diverting traffic from the northbound lanes on US 19 to randomly test drivers for impairment. If you have a headlight or taillight out...or any other vehicle safety equiptment malfunction they will AUTOMATICALLY be able to stop you. Otherwise they have to stop cars in a random method.

Along with testing for drunk drivers they will also be on the lookout for motorists with WARRANTS, PROBATION VIOLATIONS, EXPIRED TAGS, EXPIRED or INVALID LICENSES, and many other types of offenses.

Please be careful if you will be driving around in palm harbor tonight!

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A DUI under 21 in #tampa  is not something to be taken lightly and can have long lasting negative affects on your life
DUI Charges for Someone Under 21 in Tampa, Florida

Tampa, Florida has strict laws for underage drinking and driving, so if you are under the age of 21 you can be arrested even if you only have the presence of a very small amount of alcohol in your system. As far as the state of Florida is concerned, there is a “zero tolerance” policy in relation to drivers who are under 21.

In Tampa, Florida, any under age driver who is caught behind the wheel of a vehicle with a BAC as little as 0.02% will most likely face DUI charges.

The state of Florida has decided that it wants to reduce the amount of underage drinking and driving, so it has implemented strict DUI laws and penalties. You may be young and out having a good time, but this is not seen in a favorable light by the police, judges and prosecutors. You should not be behind the wheel of a car if you have even had a tiny amount of alcohol. This may be enough to be charged for DUI.

Under DUI law in Tampa, Florida, if you are under 21 and you are caught driving with a BAC over .02% your driving license will be taken immediately and you will be issued with a 10 day temporary permit to drive. 

The legal limit for adult drinkers is .08% BAC but those that are underage have a much lower limit. The majority of young people who are under 21 do not really believe that they will be charged with a DUI in Tampa after having consumed such small amounts of alcohol. But It is not worth drinking at all if you are going to drive, as just one drink can be detected in your system. Even if you are not impaired, a DUI charge is still quite likely.

If you have not yet reached 21 but you were arrested for DUI, you should hire a Tampa DUI defense lawyer who is experienced at handling DUI cases where young people have been involved. It is important to make sure that you have someone to defend you; otherwise, you may get a conviction for something that can affect you for the rest of your life.

The most important thing about a Tampa DUI arrest as a young person is that you will not be fully aware of your legal rights. Experience counts when understanding how the court system works when confronted with an under 21 DUI arrest. You will probably feel afraid, especially if you only had one drink and you didn’t notice the effects.

A good DUI lawyer in Tampa will fight your case on your behalf and make sure it is heard properly. He or she will make sure you are not accused of anything you did not do. It requires determination on the part of a DUI lawyer to make certain that you do not get more penalties than your DUI case is worth.

For more information about underage DUI charges in Tampa or if you need to the help of an experienced Tampa DUI Lawyer please visit

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Can a #DUI  conviction in #Tampa  affect your ability to get a job?
How Does a Tampa DUI Charge Affect You Getting a Job?

The job market today is not that great for anyone, whoever you are, so damaging your background in even a small way can affect the way employers look at you. The effects of a DUI charge can be life changing and can have an effect on your future job prospects as well as your present job, too.

In Tampa, Florida, while a DUI is normally a misdemeanor, this still makes it a criminal charge. Once you have been convicted, this is not the end of the situation. There are some jobs that simply will not allow an employee to have a DUI on his or her record.

Jobs that involve driving, particularly a cab or a truck, would be unlikely to hire anyone who has a DUI charge on their record. Often, school teachers are dismissed if they get a DUI charge. Those who are either hoping to become, or already are a law enforcement officer, might not be allowed to keep their jobs if they have a DUI.  Most people or organizations responsible for employing personnel in the medical field are unlikely to hire someone with any conviction which is related to DUI.

Employers are often put in a difficult situation when one of their employees gets a conviction for DUI, as they may be unable to allow them to continue in the same line of work. Some potential employers could view a person with a DUI charge, however long ago it was, in a negative way. They might think that the person suffers from alcoholism and will be a risk. Employees who are alcoholics can cost businesses money, as they are more likely to fall over and injure themselves, be poor performers and take more days off work.

License suspension is often part of a DUI conviction and if the DUI offence was serious, then you may lose your license for up to two years. This could have a marked effect on getting to work, let alone participating in work related activities such as staff functions and sporting activities.  Any new job that requires the need to drive will be impossible to get. One of the requirements for any driving job is for your license to be clear of any convictions.

Having a DUI conviction is simply less acceptable in any job these days and it can be hard or impossible to keep the knowledge of a conviction from your present or future employer. DUI lawyers know the difficulties encountered by drivers who are convicted for DUI and will work hard to fight your case, based on your own individual position.

If you have been arrested for a DUI in Tampa, you should take the whole incident seriously and contact a DUI defense lawyer who will argue on your behalf. This could mean that the penalty you are likely to get may be substantially reduced or even thrown out altogether. A good Tampa DUI lawyer will know how to find the weak points in your arrest or the way a sobriety test or alcohol test was taken and use that to your advantage. This is your best opportunity to reduce the effects of a DUI charge on getting a job in the future or keeping your current job.

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Utah Highway Patrol Officer has been fired for falsifying DUI arrest reports and now faces a class action law suit.

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Are you currently looking for a job? Well it might be a good idea to know exactly what information might show up on a background check

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If you are facing a DUI charge and are thinking about hiring a lawyer make sure you ask your lawyer these 4 questions before hiring.

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Going to a Halloween Party tonight? if you get a little too drunk consider using the Tow 2 GO service offered by AAA and Bud Light to get home safe!

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