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Kidney Disease Symptoms and Treatments
This page focuses on helping kidney patients fight against their disease and regain healthy life.
This page focuses on helping kidney patients fight against their disease and regain healthy life.

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Stage 3 CKD: Can I Stop the Progression and What’s the Prognosis for the Disease at This Stage
“I have just been diagnosed with stage 3 chronic kidney disease. I have many questions but the first is that can I stop 

the progression and what is the prognosis for the disease at this stage?” one patient send a letter to our email box: In order to help more patients solve the problems, I will show the related info in the following 


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Medicines for Frequent Relapse Nephrotic Syndrome
Nephrotic Syndrome relapses easily, and even can be induced by a cold. Without good treatments, frequent relapse will 

deteriorate kidney damage and affect patients’ life and healthy greatly. Please don’t worry. Now, I’d like share several 

medicines for treating nepropathy syndrome from the root!

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What Are Symptoms to Look Out for about Kidney Disease
Many people may be in the early stages of kidney disease and not have any indication something wrong with their kidneys, 

but there are certain symptoms that could be a sign you have kidney disease. Now, let’s have a look!

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Kidney Failure Patients Will See New Hope in 2016
2016 is coming! It is a new start to very person, also including kidney failure patients. In this year, dialysis or kidney transplant is no longer the only treatment that renal failure patients can receive. Become more and more foreign patients choose to come to China for Chinese medicine

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What Is Suppose to Be My Diet with Creatinine 4.3
Creatinine level 4.3 is much higher than the normal range which usually means 50 % of renal functions are damaged for kidney disease patients. In order to control and reduce the level, patients have to develop a balanced diet plan. Well then, most patients may not know what is suppose to be their diet with the symptom. Now, you will get the answer here!

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What Diet is Good for Microalbumin Levels
Microalbumin test is used to determine kidney function status and if albumin leaks into your urine, it means your kidneys are experiencing filtration problems. Actually, a appropriate Diet plays an important role in controlling or relieving the condition. Well then, what diet is good for microalbumin levels?

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Is It Safe to Take Ibuprofen to Relieve Kidney Pain
Ibuprofen is a common pain killer which is often recommended to patents who suffer from moderate or severe pain. Well then, is it safe to take ibuprofen to relieve kidney pain?

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What Is the First Required Step I Should Take for Creatinine 6.2 with Vomiting
“My mother in law’s creatinine level is 6.2 and her blood pressure is 160/100. Tonight, she was feeling nausea and vomited thrice and no appetite. What is the first require step I Should take?” I find the question in my email box: Now we provide answer here.

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Suggestions for Improving Renal Function While on Herbal Medications
Right herbal medicines not only help kidney disease patients improve their illness conditions, but also cause no side effects. Compared to western medicines, natural herbs are more safe, effective and preferable. Well then, what are the suggestions for improving renal function while on herbal medications?

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Alternative Medical Care for Stage 3 CKD Due to Hypertension
What are the alternative medical care for Stage 3 CKD due to hypertension? When diagnosed with the disease, most patients can not helping concerning the remedies or treatments. Today, you will find the natural and effective treatments here!
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