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If you see this post, and you are from USA, please check the link and take action. Help protect net neutrality!

Don't take it from me. Go check the link to see John Oliver explain the situation.
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Last post from my very first blog. Time to move on to new things.
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Exemplary work by the local +Ingress Resistance community during the worst flooding of the Kelani valley in the recent history our island nation has seen. Kudos!
Together we save humanity!

Recently Sri Lanka faced one of the worst flooding after 27 years. The rainfall was so severe that 25 percent of usual annual rainfall was recorded in a day in some areas of the country. The flood hit some parts of the Colombo region. More than half a million were affected by the disasters across the island.

As usual the Sri Lankan people with their kindness in heart came to the help of the victims. Electronic media played a big role with coordination. Facebook and Twitter (Social Medias) were major mediums of communication about the situation.

As a gaming community we the Ingress Resistance Sri Lanka felt the need to help the people in the flood affected areas. Specially since some of our own agents (in game players) were in need of our help. A lot of agents contributed with items for donation and many with money. But we thought that others who wanted to be part of this programme should have an opportunity as well. So we spread the word asking them to join us with the relief work in any way they can.
Many responded, as a result we were able to extend our relief work furthermore.

Agents gathered in agent @PA9’s house and prepared the items to be given away. We were informed of the areas that were not reached out by other relief workers by our local agents. So we focused on those areas. After getting to those places we realized that the people were in much need of health care. Although we anticipated this on our first visit we were not fully equipped to handle such a large demand. Some of the medicines we brought were already finished and we couldn’t find them due to Vesak Poya holiday on the day itself. Our agents who were doctors tended to their illnesses.

Informing the people that we will come back in a couple of days to a hold health camp, we finished our programme for the day. All of them were greatly thankful for the effort that we put in.

After a couple of days our doctor smurfs (In game nickname for Resistance players) who are from Teaching Hospital Karapitya and Teaching Hospital Mahamodara arranged the health camp with the help of their colleagues. Around 300-350 people came for the health camp which was held in two places for patients’ convenience. The medicine was given free which was highly appreciated by the patients. Wounds taken cared and patched up and the doctors were assisted by the doctor wannabe agents.

Lot of people were asking who are you guys and what is the organisation and such. After explaining to them that we are a bunch of guys who plays a game, they were amazed. They couldn’t believe that a gaming community is helping them. Some were even interested in what this so called game Ingress is.

We as Resistance Sri Lanka are so happy that we could at least make some of their lives at least a little bit better. They were downed to zero and they felt they are not left behind. They have lot more coming their way. Getting up on their feet after this disaster is going to take sometime.

They say Ingress is a game. But time and time again it has proven that it’s not just a game. It unites a group of people together for a cause. This amazing community has a lot of potential.
Ingress has become more than a game, it’s become a lifestyle. You will always find the good guys with us in the Resistance camp.

We’d like to thank all the agents who helped us in all forms with this programme.

The following agents came to location to lend us a hand.

The doctors and doctor smurfs who lend their medical service
Dr. Binara Athukorala (@cooolb)
Dr. Amila Karunathilake (@akunlumited)
Dr. Kasun Ambalangodage (@JuGGmA)
Dr. Dilan Weerasinghe (@GangsterSL)
Dr. Gathika Kodithuwakku
Dr. Rasanka Ashoranga
Dr. Waruni Hewanayake
Dr. Rashmi Ragunathan
Dr. Hasara Siriwardena (@HushE)

Mr. Ransaka Uththunga Galmangoda

Special thanks to agent @PA9’s father and his family for all the help they’ve given.

#Ingress #sitrep #Resistance #ResistanceLK #IngressCause #FloodSL
+Ingress +Anne Beuttenmüller +John Hanke +Pooja Srinivas +Susanna Moyer +Matilde Tusberti 
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"...“Celebrate Sri Lanka” is a project initiated by Berklee students from Sri Lanka in order to foster relationships between the island nation of Sri Lanka and Berklee College of Music, USA..."
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Enter to Win a VIP Tour of the CERN facilities in Switzerland!
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Interesting rumors.
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