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Do you have a group work horror story to tell? If so, we’re not the only ones. A quick Internet search for “group work” leads to page after page of complaints. A lot of them resonate with exactly how I feel. Here are a few common objections that show up:

Tara DuBois

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View life through an optimistic lens and feel the opportunities of the world.

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Tara DuBois

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What builds your brand better, being in someone else's video or having your own? A new study says you're own.

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#socialmedia #strategy guide + Q&A support = tasty Social Media Recipe! Want to know the main ingredients?

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Facebook unveiled a radical new look for the news feed today, but it wasn't the only social network getting major buzz following the design announcement. Minutes after Facebook debuted the overhaul, people took to social media to discuss the similarities between the update and the existing look of Google+.

Check out the similarities:

Do you think Facebook's redesign looks like Google+?
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Mary Sommerset is hanging out with 5 people right now in a live Hangout On Air! #hangoutsonairBarbara Bakken, Rhetah Kwan, Tara DuBois, Keri Murphy, and Linda Bard
BraveHeart Women Resonate Celebration
Mary Sommerset and 5 others participated

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Brainstorm any and all ideas. Make a list of what comes into your head. Follow the natural flows of where your mind goes and see where it takes you.

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Women collaborating prosperously will share experiences with BraveHeart Women Resonate and discuss the upcoming September 14th Celebration event at the Oregon Convention Center. You will also learn about the exciting business opportunities they each offer. 

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+YouTube is sporting a new creative canvas and design that's now available to all advertisers. This new layout is called One Channel, since all channels will have a consistent design and branding across screens.

Get all the details of the One Channel design in our blog post, and see how early adopter brands like Head & Shoulders are already implementing the new features:
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Create. Authentic. Connections
Create. Authentic. Connections. 
Providing you with social media strategy - websites - list building - brand messaging! 
Unbound Virtual Administrators helps you streamline your marketing strategy so you can have more time to focus on the core of your business.

Unbound Virtual Administrators take time to learn about your work, goals, and challenges within your business.

We believe in collaboration, symbiotic relationships, and mutually beneficial outcomes and growth.
We go the extra mile to earn your trust and we guarantee your total satisfaction in all of the work we do.

We are a catalyst for change with a proven progressive business model that capitalizes on future business trends.

We treat each client uniquely and customize each plan according to their needs.

We are not just doers; we are creators. We embrace challenges and possess the drive and determination to see our clients succeed.

We have a strong understanding of business systems and strategies and demonstrate resourcefulness in finding creative marketing solutions.

We provide professional and honest communications that you can rely on.

We believe in the power of positive thinking and believe anything is possible with the right pieces in place.

1….you want to maintain a strong online presence but don’t have time to keep up with all of the engagement.
2….you have exciting work projects you would like to take on but always seem to be tied up with the day-to-day work.
3….you are not on top of business development because you have no up-to-date client and prospect database.
4….you need to enhance elements to your website but don’t know where to begin.
5….you have work, projects, and items that you don’t like doing…which take you away from the core of your business and mission.
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I had an out of skin experience today with my first facial. :) Thanks to SkinSense Mobile Spa, LLC (aka Debbie Fong Kho) for such a wonderful experience, making my skin shimmer, and giving me a permanent smile as I walked out and greeted the day. If you live in the Portland area and want a little nurturing I highly recommend!
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