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first time saw this gmail UI

Anywhere can find cuda programming books?

Hi Guys. How's your Samsung ARM chromebook play Youtube? Is it smooth? Mine always lose frames.

any good restaurant table booking plugin?

I broke my samsung ARM chromebook today :( There is a candle behind the screen, I didn't notice it until my screen became black... Lucky I can replace the screen for 40 euro, but where can I find the the plastic case at the back of screen? Searched on ebay, can't find one. Please help me..

In Samsung ARM Chromebook, do you guys have bluetooth issue? Every time I restart chromeOS or turn off and on my bluetooth mouse, I have to reconnect again.
I'm in DEV channel, could be a reason? 

is it possible to add and change default FONT in chromeOS?

终于看到中文的G+ community了,内牛满面

Where can I find a professional company to develop a commercial use theme and plugin?
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