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Ashley McFarland
Passionate about business and branding.
Passionate about business and branding.

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Do you live in or around #Asheville  NC? Highly recommend following Maid in Asheville #homecleaningservices . They offer a quick online booking/payment system that saved me time and hassle (I paid online!) and our cleaning team (thanks Lisa and Shannon!!) was thorough, friendly, and showed up early! They're brand new on Google+, show them some love??

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Hard to believe it's almost Christmas

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Did Yahoo get it right? Our inaugural blog post is up, discussing Yahoo's recently launched logo redesign.

Our company blog is launching SOON! Click the link below and add your email address to receive value-packed emails that include branding tips, easy-to-tackle advice, and step-by-step how to's that help you chart your course and give you an edge in your marketing (and SALES) efforts

+Amy Kauffman I hope you're doing well! Looking back over my + posts (the few and far between) your smiling face popped up. Would love to hear how things are going! +Mike McKearin 

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Gmail's new new mailbox... what do you think?

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Happy to hear Pocket is expanding. Great little "web-collecting" tool.

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Texting takes the lead in the UK (via +Transmyt Marketing)

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A template to help with the new G+ profile layouts
Profile Picture template, Second Attempt

Edit: It seems I have made a mistake. The minimum size for uploading a background photo is actually 940px width. It seems that the last 40 px. are hidden on the right. I have changed the template below to reflect this. Sorry to all the people who I misinformed :(

By accident I have also deleted the original post, so here it is again.

I made this quick little template to make it easier to have some fun with the new profile pictures. Using this, it should be fairly easy to line up any images, to make a unified banner for your profile page.

Note that pictures that line up with this method, will be slightly off when viewed in the hovercard as the profile picture is placed a bit higher in relation to the background.

Feel free to use and share this as you like :-)
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