G+ Has Changed My LIfe (For the Better)
+Rainer Rohde reasonably asked: How?

Here is my reply:

I have had some of my faith in humanity restored. The number of kindnesses I see displayed here daily is truly astounding. I'm giving and helping more too.

I am a hermit, and have been for over 13 years. I can count the number of people I interacted with regularly on the fingers of one hand, and have a couple to spare. I thought I preferred it that way, but the people I have met here have shown me that it isn't so - and that I can interact with them and still be a hermit ;)

Other social networks provided none of the interesting, intelligent, engaging topics I find and enjoy here - or the interesting, intelligent, and engaging people either for that matter.

G+ showed me that I am not alone in my world view or oddness. That there are people out there interested in what I have to say and how I say it. I've started writing again after decades away from it.

G+ has not only shown me things about the things I want to learn about, but has introduced me to topics and ideas I didn't know I wanted to learn about but do.

I'm taking photographs again. Once more, something I'd put aside decades ago.

I take strength, and inspiration, and hope from many of the people and things I read in my stream. Others inspire me to resist: to resist inhumanity, cynicism, sarcasm, doubt, and fear of my fellow man.

I am inspired, once more, to be more rather than simply maintaining. It's reminded me that I really do want a better world and to help to build it, one silly reshare after another.

There is so much more, but words are failing me.
Hope that gives you a sense of why and how.

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